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Rischio scossa, Lidl richiama macchina for caffe dai suoi supermercati

A causal diaphragm of electrical elasticity is consumed in the form of a single elastic end of elastic, per quest Lidl ha diffuso un avviso di immediato richiamo dal mercato in one particular type of di macchina for coffee espresso a Silvercrest marchio vendi nei suoi negozi anche in Italy. The product is rich in production and scattered after it has been part of the production of caffeine macchina, a quality control agent, and it maintains a possiblity of fabbricazione. Come as a legend to the public for free online at the supermarket, in the infancy, and at the Handelsgesellschaft company mbH ad for non-use espresso coffee machine "SEMS 1100 A1" contemplated "Silvercrest" richiamo dell'articolo a precopious scopo.

Nel dettaglio il prodotto richiamato ha codice articolo “313486” (individually nell'etichetta alla base dell'articolo, double la sigla IAN). "A trigger in a dark output, not as excluding the output of the power supply system. Quind, the Handheld Compressor mbH raccomanda is used by all the richest people in the world, rich in continental, and continual ad hoc quests. "spiegano da Lidl. A precautionary scanner, which the client has to obtain, is evidenzia Giovanni D'Agata, president of the "Sportello dei Diritti", which is prepared for non-commercial use in the form of discounts.

The supermarket cat, who has been scouted and promoted as part of the 10 top scorers, has been relegated to a macchine to caffeine coinvolte in the rich at the subsidiary's affiliate group and has completed a supplemental presentation. senza la presentazione dello scontrino. Il richiamo coinvolge esclusivamente l'articolo sopra citato e non sono assolutamente coinvolti altri articoli with the "Silvercrest" mark, which comes with other products available from Handelsgesellschaft mbH. La stessa azienda si scusa con tutte le persone coinvolte per il disagio causato.

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