Monday , September 20 2021

“Reverse trend or you will have to choose who to intubate”

If you do not start predicting the virus, anesthesiologists will soon have to choose which to intubate again, because I places of intensive care I’m not good enough. He told on Vice President of the Order of Physicians named Leoni during the interview.

Order of doctors, we must stop chasing the virus

One factor unites the first and second waves of coronaviruses: we continue to monitor the virus, rather than prevent it. “It’s necessary,” Leoni told trend, so you do not have to forcing anesthesiologists to choose whom to intubate

The doctors’ order is renewing the alarm for the risk factor that has already appeared during the first wave: the data we are seeing at the moment represent what happened in relation to spread of infection about two weeks ago.

We are always two weeks late when it comes to data. Because if we calculate that a subject becomes infected and can be completely asymptomatic for two or three days. Then he becomes symptomatic, goes to his doctor, tries to swab and spend another two to three days. It should be deleted, there must be a confirmation of positivity, to be placed in a general databaseLeoni explains.

“He had to tell the story, we always see the photograph of what happened

Intensive care, alarm threshold of 30% exceeded

The most dramatic index, which provides a perception of the country’s real risk, “is the intensive care employment rate, which has exceeded the 30% alarm threshold, we have reached 37% nationally.”

The problem is that they are coming other victims sacrificed who need to go to intensive care. Because in the hospital there is not only KOVID“, Says Leoni. There are still accidents, people who need, for example, heart, lung and complicated ontology surgeries, “who usually need one or two days of intensive care”. And, if a patient with KOVID occupies the bed for an average of two to three weeks, there will be no room for the others.

The whole Italian problem is quickly explained: “Our intensive care system was parameterized in the era before KOVID. We had only 5000 beds before the outbreak, the lowest European level“The government and the regions have increased them, it is true, but with practically zero staff increase (+ 5% nationally).

Therefore, Italy is a “dramatic situation” that requires further measures, such as the national conclusion called by the President of the Order of Physicians a few days ago. And this is not because doctors are not “aware of what is happening to the national economy,” Leoni reiterated. “We are citizens too,” the vice president concluded, but now health issue must prevail over ‘economic’.

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