Monday , September 20 2021

“Renewal? When Maldini wants to talk …”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Milan striker) during the Milan-Verona (Serie A 2020-2021) | Milan News (Getty Images)

Napoli-Milan, told Ibrahimovic before the match

APPEARANCE IN MILAN LATEST NEWSZlatan Ibrahimovic‘Milan striker speaks to’ microphonesSky Sportsbefore the match Naples-Milan at the stadium “St. PaulThese are Ibrahimovic’s statements.

“I’m fine, the whole group is fine. He needed to rest a bit. I had a few days off and then we went back to work. The situation of the coach and his staff appeared. I followed the rhythm that I normally follow. Am I a coach? No! The coach is very much missed, but we are in contact with him every day, he talks before and after training. As if with us, fixed every day. Except it does in digital communication. Daniele Bonera he did a great job, a new situation for him. But all the players know him well, he prepared the game well. We always and sometimes joke, I tell him not to be stressed that Ibra thinks about it. Rino Gattuso I know him well, I played with him, I know him as a person, as a football player, I also played against him. He is a great person, he stimulates you a lot, he has a great character, a person, he does everything to win. But in the other team there is another who does everything to win. Close to signing up for renewal? Hmmm … after the penalty against Verona, I’m not the dominant side. But when Paolo Maldini he wants to talk, he has time. “


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