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“Rape is rape, but whoever goes to the mill gets flour. What they did not tell you about the fun-horror – Libero Cotidiano

Filippo Faci

Alberto Genenovese is a 43-year-old Neapolitan who studied in Bocconi and then stayed in Milan, where he made a fortune and had his hair transplanted. We are interested that on the night between 10 and 11 October he raped and tortured eighteen-year-old Michela after drugging her: this was during one of his drug parties on the “terrace of feelings” of his penthouse by the Piazza Maria Beltrade pool, sixth and the seventh floor, overlooking the Duomo in Milan. To be “socially dangerous” to someone like Genovese and his friends, was she, the victim and her normalcy good: even if she didn’t come from the moon and look like an aspiring model fighting someone who had a modeling agency (hostess). and, where 15 18-year-olds work) at a party in Genoese known as Bebo – where at least three drugs were free and displayed on blackboards – it was already twice as high, in June and September, but that means little, very little.

De Luca does not answer and the tactics overwhelm him: the bomb is not the Arena, does he throw the governor?

The judiciary does not need to make sociological observations, it only needs to classify the behavior and customs in the binding letter of the Law, where rape is rape if the raped decides to report it (rape is a fact but can become an opinion) otherwise maybe by others girls who would not report him – or rather, they only condemned him now – because in due course they would contextualize him in a Dionysian vacancy, where they would not feel raped, and he would never, ever feel like a rapist.

According to the judges, he was very lucid. Bracket, Ciro Grillo (son of) was also very lucid, accused of rape in Sardinia. In the case of Genovese, the culmination of the Dionysian – vulgarly speaking – turned into sexual violence, kidnapping, drug trafficking aka trade, serious injuries plus a modest disturbance of public peace. That is why Genovese is in custody and, in front of the judges, cries, despairs and explains that he is addicted to cocaine and that “every time I hallucinate and no longer have a perception of the line between legality and illegality, I should be treated, even if I feel intimately healthy. personality ». The technical bracket is not clear even to many judges: cocaine does not give physical addiction, but only mental; there is no cure for cocaine “detoxification” (as poorly described for Fabrizio Corona) and to stop, it is enough to stop, period, even if the so-called depressive “down” that now haunts Genovese – the crisis of psychological withdrawal – is terrible, and can last for days or months or years.

The cocaine addict, first of all, thinks that everything that happens to him is related to the fact that he is taking cocaine; the cocaine addict, after all, thinks that everything that happens to him is related to the fact that he no longer wears it. To stop being socially dangerous, for someone like Alberto Gennovese, means to give up being Alberto Genenovese, as he was 24 hours a day, suspended – explaining here is complicated – between states of change, but also of absolute lucidity , which is definitely multiplied by drugs. But the judiciary does not even run a toxicology recovery center: it searches for evidence. Cocaine and ketamine. Ecstasy (MDMA) and so-called cocaine rosada. We will need an agreement to explain them. Cocaine is exciting in that it makes megalomaniacs predominantly lucid. Ketamine is an anesthetic that favors hallucinations and “states of appearance” (entogenes) which are also considered ecstatic and spiritual: the two drugs go hand in hand, and in fact in Genoa they were found packed in a safe, along with ecstasy, for 40 thousand euros. and foxes used in rape; they are the same drugs that were constantly applied to the 18-year-old boy and, theoretically, to the entire stunned table present at the parties.

Ecstasy increases sociability, empathy and desire for sex. Cocaine rosacea (pink) is synthetic and has nothing to do with cocaine, and in doses, it makes you hallucinatory, physically very conscious and eager for joy. Generally, a two-person model is implemented between Gandhi’s spirituality and Hitler’s decisions, both ready to take off their underwear. In appropriate and tested doses, he becomes Alberto Genenoveze, with massive and continuous doses he becomes raped. Finally: Genenoveze told the judges he was taking 3 or 4 grams of cocaine a day; It is subjective, but most cocaine addicts who do so much after a few years are toothless, have a stuffy nose and a hole in the roof of their mouth, and are unable to cope with executive positions in different societies. Let’s say that there was a lot of fuck at the parties in Genoese, and everything could be reduced to a giant circumvention of the incompetent or capable, according to nuances that the judiciary considers worth noting. It is true that he had real waiting lists to attend his parties.

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It is true that rape is rape, but it is also true that whoever goes to the mill is flour. Rape and whore status can also coexist, and we’re not talking about an 18-year-old – really – but definitely others. “It was known that Genenovese organized parties where guests were offered drugs,” said one witness, “and where he sexually abused girls.” It was known. To whom? Models, models, supposed influencers, prostitutes as needed (very common in Milan: a rich tip or gift is enough, otherwise it does not matter, but then you no longer see them) and, again, other sub-categories that we could hardly dismiss in men, because it is a male-dominated society, but even this does not interest us now: also because women are generally raped. Not men who are also violently stuffed with drugs, tied to the wrists of the bed and ankles with a tie tied to the back and a pillow pressed to the face for a very long few seconds, exhausted by sexual violence and then your body has numbness and heat of a corpse , unconscious for 18 hours unconscious: here is what happened to the girl, who was now being treated by a psychiatrist after a doctor from the Manjagali Clinic – a woman – discovered that she was filled with cocaine and ketamine, yes, and then she was raped and abused in such a way that this a doctor rarely saw him.

On the evening of October 10, the party was badly pumped: that at that time the parties were of various kinds, there were reserved for about thirty people or half a brothel of people. The girl, with a friend, showed up at the entrance to the building around 8:30 p.m., where a South American jumper was checking on guests as the party lasted for hours: it was not true that they were pulling out their cell phones, it would have been misused, yes. banally invited to photograph us. Another friend of hers was at the party in the middle of the afternoon and was invited by DJ Daniele Leali, known as Dani, who was then referred to as a girl’s lawyer and already a partner of Genovese in some activities. The 18-year-old climbed the elevator, which required a code, to the attic and the super attic: this time it was almost a private affair, twenty people or so, no ball music played by well-paid DJs, no catering arranged by Carlo As long as in September, not even rivers of Perrier-ouue champagne (terrible, wine, 35 euros) full of ketamine. There was a common red neon sign (“Sentiment”) that led to the terrace with the corner infinity pool.

It is clear that the boss did not organize everything himself: there were those who procured drugs for him, who invited the girls even outside Milan, such as Ibiza in the “Villa Lolita” also in Genenovese (8 rooms) or in the club “Tipic In my friend Danny’s Formentera, where many girls came and everything was paid for. Those nights there was always someone acting like a stake while Genovese or others were locked up somewhere: one witness said the pattern was repeated in Formentera: “They invited me to continue sucking in the boss’s room after I entered the room and pulled a pink ribbon. “I do not remember anything when I woke up, my upper part was torn and I did not have a bra or shoes, my legs were full of bruises and great pain in my joints.” But he, on the night of October 10, is not based solely on stories or body expertise: internal cameras recorded everything, she and one and five other parties. The owner, apparently stoned, as soon as he saw Michela immediately fall in love with her, said he was in love with her, and offered to travel, never betrayed her, did everything, and imposed more medication (it was raining wet: she had already taken a little) and morally: at 10.30 pm the two were already in the room, and there were some spectators. They were also in the room at 1.40am, a time when the casino of the party – 10 interventions in 5 years – at the entrance appeared police officers called by the neighbor, the dancer Roberto Bole.

The South American servant and swindler, Javier, told them that Mr. Alberto was not at home, that he was not at his party. Shortly afterwards, the friend he came with started looking for Michela, but the room was closed for hours, and at 2.00 am her friend left. Michela, however, was in the room, occasionally trying to send text messages asking for help. Genovese, according to the story, saw her crying and screaming, and then started photographing her naked and bloody, in indecent positions, taking money from her purse, which he set on fire in front of her, so that he could kill her before opening a bottle of wine. . The girl woke up around 10 pm on October 11, when she was thrown out half-naked and with only one shoe. A police car found him like this. “According to my perception,” Gennoveze said in a spontaneous statement, “I had a nice evening with my loved one, I want to stop taking drugs and I want to do it with professionals, my life is eighty percent healthy, I am a good person, it never would hurt. You just dug up the bad part of my life, but otherwise I’m a good person. ‘But there is no rest, as far as is understood. Among Genovese’s lawyers is Luigi Isolabela, a former lawyer for former municipal councilor Paolo Masari, who on the sidelines of the rape he is considered to be ill, also said he was ill and wanted to be treated: after which, after a rigorous hearing behind closed doors, he negotiated. “I do not speak to journalists,” lawyer Isolabela told the writer, pointing out that there was an exchange and closed justice (ie taken away from the public, in the sense that it is still unknown how things went in the Masari case) may have contributed to level the advocacy status now folded by prosecutors who were considered winners.

But in the case of Genovese, it seems really difficult to reach a guilty plea behind closed doors. In mid-October, the prosecution formally launched an investigation. Many witnesses were heard, various girls (mice who left the sinking party) rushed in spontaneously, and the rumor began to spread. Genovese told his mother he would fly to Amsterdam and then to South America; on November 6, he went to the passport office to renew the document and the danger of fleeing became concrete: arrested. All the companies in which he held positions distanced themselves formally and informally. DJ Daniele Leali, defined as Gennovese’s right-hand man and considered his drug advocate, left for Bali on November 11. Easy

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