Monday , June 14 2021

Ramazzotti, positive, but always distant from love – Music

It starts out of love, Eros. It starts from what has been a common thread for him so far. "It's a difficult historical moment for Italy, for the world, and we need a positive message, a strong message, and love is the one for music and it's a whole heart, they must have the strength to excite and give positive pressure, that's what I always did what I always dreamed of. " And so, Ramazzotti's new album, Vita, on November 23 in the 100 countries of the world (in Italian and in Spanish for the Latin market) for Polydor, is impregnated with love, but also with hope starting from the title. What becomes a slogan and desire. "It contains the significance of the whole album: a strong re-launch, in a way, to continue, in short, it's not just the title of a piece, but a wider and more important concept," explains the singer-songwriter who chose the Sforza Castle Milan as fifth and Pipo Boudo as a sparring partner, to present their fifteen studio work (and to see them together you can hear the air of Sanremo: "I host in February, if there's Baglioni take me").
"We must always continue, stopping is not possible.
We have to look ahead, even in difficult times, we have to be strong and positive, "says the singer who wants to sing several songs, while Pippo National reminds him of the beginnings, and then of success (" but, yes, let's say I invented it, "and if both laugh).
Life is there, fourteen songs in the perfect style of Ramazzotti, is dedicated to Pino Daniele. "For me it was a myth, as generations, then became a friend. Initially, for our different characters, we had a conflicting relationship, and then resulted in a wonderful relationship with great respect and respect. The Italian, therefore, I wanted to dedicate my work to it." Minority. "There are many collaborations on the disc, among Italian artists (there is a signature of Dean Yvonotte, Chepe and the younger, but already established Federico Abate and Enrico Nidoti), and internationals such as Helen Fischer, Luis Fonsi and Alessia Kara their video messages during the meeting. "Cooperation – says E they were born from the genre of the songs, the sound of the album, the success of certain characters, but with all of them I found myself. "And in openness towards the young, he who has many doors in his face at the beginning makes personal pride." I'm musically connected to the seventies, eighties and nineties, but I also listen to things from today.
I like Gammon, Calcutta, Irama, Ultimo: there are so many good people that reach the hearts of people. And I'm open to everything: long live music. But I say to the boys: they study and work hard. If I am still here, it is thanks to the temperament and great work that is done for each project, without relying on past successes. "Life also has a world tour, which will debut on 17 February in Munich, sold out and will see the protagonist of Eros on the five continents (sold 200,000 tickets in Europe) .In Italy it will arrive in the sports halls on March 2 with the first date in Turin, then from 6 to 9 March, four dates in Milan and from 12 to 16 other four dates Rome ". At the level of the show we are still working on the production, but the sound will be at the top with many respectable musicians. I would like to embed many songs, but the concert can not last more than two and a half hours: people are tired and tired. My heart on tour? The one with Yoonotti and Pino Danielle in '94. And for the training there is no fear: "Let's keep up is fighting the couch with my kids every night." After all, his dream is to arrive as Charles Aznavour to the limestone phases of the whole world for up to 93 years, "I really would like."

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