Monday , September 21 2020

PS3, launch delayed by a small five cents component


Phil Harrison, now an executive in charge of "Google Stadia", but was previously involved with the forefront of Google Stadia PS3 launch with Sony, and later with Microsoft's Xbox One, revealed an interesting backdrop to the famous and fateful delay on the PS3 market release.

The launch of the PS3 was marred by a series of problems and errors by Sony that canceled its launch in the market, such as the definitely high price and date of issue in remarkable delay compared to the competition, even if the console managed to reach the 87 million units housed worldwide.

While the Xbox 360 was already available all over the West at the end of autumn 2005, the PS3 managed to reach the market only a year later in the US and Japan, and even in spring 2007 in Europe. All of this delay, Harrison said, largely depends on the lack of individual supply hardware component from the console, obviously insignificant.

It was small diodes, worth about 5 cents dollar, but fundamental to the functioning of the whole PS3: this component was actually necessary for the reader Blu-ray, a central element of Sony console hardware at the time.

To discover this work, after more than ten years, it is exactly the same Phil Harrison at IGN, who was then a senior executive at Sony, and who may feel relieved today because he has to start a service for streaming like Google Stadia. , which applies to a bit of high hardware production, given precedents.

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