Sunday , September 20 2020

Professor Pino, who is the Deputy College 4 / All for the Lovers: "Belisima!"


Those of the male students of the heart College 4 when a new professor comes in. A nice substitute is the teacher Pinot, who teaches Italian rather than Professor Maggi's influence. The boys are raped and give compliments to the new teacher of all kinds. "I've never seen an angel to this day," admits Siupilian, "You're beautiful," Crispino says. Someone like Maljo even replaces his phone number, demanding that they call him. The teacher is not upset and even gives low grades to all the guys who pretend they are ready just to get close to her. "I miss you!" The deputy finally admits. (Update by Ana Montesano)


Who is the replacement for "Il College 4"? The hunt began after the first breakthrough with today's new episode, Tuesday, November 12, 2019. His name was not disclosed, but his account was displayed. What is known is that the Il College professor 4 must be absent, so there is a replacement. From the few frames shown by Rai, it is immediately clear that the speaker boys' hormones will suddenly move with the advent of the alternator. "The new alternative bad … From 1 to 10? 10 and praise», One of the students' comments after seeing her in class. However, even on social networks, the new entry has not gone unnoticed. And there are those who have commented on the novelty with irony. "Ac … even a deputy. Only PIERINO is missing in #IlCollegio». Seriously, the input of a replacement does not College 4 will be one of the most awaited moments of today's episode. Just as there is curiosity about the arrival of the school inspector.


The introduction of substitution is apparently linked to the temporary absence of a professor. But who should be absent? There are those who hypothesize Andrea Magi's temporary exit will be less serious. "To deal with today's youth, we must first of all know how to listen to them. But listening is not enough: we must also teach others to listen, the rarer attitude», He told the For his part, Rai's press office did not provide any useful clues about the replacement and the professor who must be absent: «Surprises for collegiate winds don't end there: the professor will actually be absent and a deputy will arrive in his place», Read the fourth episode progression from College 4. To understand even if it turns out to be more difficult than his colleagues … We just have to wait for today's episode to find out.


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