Thursday , September 24 2020

Pirelli, 5G smart tire to alert other vehicles to road conditions


During the event "5G Vehicle-to-Everything Communication Path » organized by 5GAA – Automobile Association, Pirelli introduced himself "World's First Enhanced 5G ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Services" showing the use of intelligent tires that can detect and share road surface information on a 5G network.

The demonstration was conducted in collaboration with Ericsson, Audi, Tim, IdelDizine and CTF on the test drive on the Lingoto roof where a vehicle equipped with Pirelli Cyber ​​Tire Sensor Tire and connected to the 5G network, it was able to transfer the risk of diversion detected by the tires to another inbound vehicle, using ultra-wide bandwidth and low latency of 5G.

The tire says in the note, "It is the only element of contact between the vehicle and the road and, thanks to the technology that Pirelli refines, communicates with the vehicle, with the driver and, tomorrow, thanks to the potential of 5G, with the entire road infrastructure."

The use of a Pirelli Cyber ​​Tire tire fitted with a sensor in the near future will provide the vehicle with data on model coverage, mileage, dynamic load and, for the first time, potentially dangerous road surface situations, from presence of water to poor adherence.

Based on this information, the car can adapt their control and driving assistance systems greatly improving safety, comfort, performance levels and can also provide the same indications for other vehicles and infrastructure.

This is not the first time that "smart" tire experiments have been performed. In recent months, we have actually seen technology capable of doing so recover kinetic energy manufactured by tire deformation, weather-adjustable tires and Uptis, a non-penetrating, long-lasting Michelin tire.

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