Friday , February 28 2020
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photo profile scam reduces users

WhatsApp profile photo fraudAmong all instant messaging applications WhatsApp is what everyone chooses to communicate. Given its popularity, it is easy to think that there are risks associated with its use. The absolute best platform is not immune to scams. Here's the latest episode that would endanger millions of profiles.

WhatsApp: fraudsters are using the ransom profile picture

continue upgrades functional and security, as well as stylish refinements do not guarantee immunity from fraudulent operations as a result of actions taken by unscrupulous hackers. WhatsApp is no exception and is really encouraged by the fact that it has a background of over one and a half billion users. The promise of Mark Zuckerberg forsocial reunification with Facebook and Instagram will not improve the situation.

Cybercriminals are currently being used take the profile photo in order to contact the addressees with a fake profile. Those who are contacted are often encouraged to make one Charge PostePay creating a state of temporary economic inaccessibility. The data is then added to the theft fraud which allows them to collect a lot of money from contacts.

There is nothing left but to guard and choose show your profile picture only until contacts in the phone book. This way, in case of problems, we will be able to reduce the terrain, identifying the potential offender. We can do that by Application settings violation of the options contained in the record Account> Privacy> Profile picture. Have you ever had problems? Leave us your personal testimony.

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