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Payments on WhatsApp and Facebook: how to do it

November 13, 2019 – Whether Libra is still on Mark Zuckerberg's radar is unknown, but it is Facebook Stories With Increasing Insistence on Financial Sector Now Fact. The difficulties facing the cryptocurrency project actually did not discourage the Zuckerberg company, which has just started Facebook Pay.

As the name suggests, it's a digital payment system which allows you to exchange money on all Menlo Park platforms. Thanks to Facebook Pay, so it will be possible send money to our friends on Facebook, make payments on WhatsApp and pay for purchases made on Instagram. In short, a viable alternative to the various Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal that, in the "startup" phase, can count on the comfort of several billions of users. In other words, a launch that could soon be projected Facebook Pay at Olympus at Fintech Companies.

What you can do with Facebook Pay

As stated on the site of the new feature introduced within Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook Pay allows you to perform all types of payment transactions there is no need to log out of the Menlo Park social platform. Should You Give Money to a Friend? Just enter your Messenger conversation, access payment functionality and send the money you want. Have you seen a t-shirt you like and is selling on Instagram? You can check directly from your account without opening another website or e-commerce platform. As has been the case in India for a long time with WhatsApp Pay, the new payment method designed by Mark Zuckerberg will allow you to send money to your contacts.

How to make payments on WhatsApp with Facebook Pay

To be able to pay on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, you will need, first of all, add a payment method to your account Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. To do this, it will be sufficient to access Settings on the application and then press Facebook Pay. You just need to add credit card details – or another payment method accepted by the platform – and confirm everything.

Once the platform accepts the payment method, you can use it in Messenger and Facebook in a simple and straightforward way, with a simple touch of the interface to confirm the payment.

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