Sunday , July 25 2021

“Our last episode and …”. Delighted audience – Libero Cotidiano

Significant silence. Fikara and Picone they leave (forever, it seems) Remove the news and greet the Channel 5 audience as if nothing had happened. The break between the Sicilian comic duo, in the team of Antonio Ritchie since 2005 (they posted their first appearance on Instagram on April 25) and Mediaset it did not seem to be painless. The background has not been confirmed, but, above all, it has not been denied (even if it is in an official statement) Pierre Silvio Berlusconi he promised them that Colonio’s doors “will always remain open”), speak of powerless distances at the level of an “editorial” line.

Fikara-Picone, the spoon: goodbye to Strisha?  What they could no longer stand.  And they said that at the end of each episode

Their last words, however, do not refer to anything in particular: “The episode ends here. We, Picone, are done. Ours is the last night and we are going to greet the public as we are used to. “Someone read a little controversy in this absence. In their place behind the counter, from Monday, the historic couple from Stryshia will return: Ezio Grejo ed Enzo Jackets, who accidentally replaced Fikara and Picone 15 years ago.

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