Thursday , October 1 2020

"No one is safe" (and tag Tony Khan)


Last week, the whole world of wrestling literally passed as a result of KO Punk's exciting return to the WWE, which has been talked about for months but few seemed to create the occasion. The former Chicago fighter apparently received a huge financial offer from AEW, but then decided to sign a contract with FOX and accept the role of analyst in the program led by Rene Young, WWE Backstage.

Punk will make his absolute debut in these new outfits in tomorrow's episode and, to heighten the excitement, he decided to break the silence on social media: "It's really strange for me to try to recover five years of wrestling.

I do what I can. There were great moments, most involving women, as far as I could see. But there are also many bad things. Talk talk about everything and no one will be safe. Join us. "

A simple statement that excites his Twitter followers, eager to see another "Pipebum" will be interesting to see if Punk really talks about EVE, after mentioning President Tony Cannes in his tweet, or is it simply orchestrated trolling .

In any case, many are hoping the former WWE champion will be able to return actively to the ring in the future as two of the company's top stars have openly disputed and the same WWE finally quoted on social and mentioned during the comment. on the latest episode of SmackDown.

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