Sunday , September 27 2020

Nissan, maximum recall for 394,000 cars – Mondo Auto


I'm almost there 400,000 the cars found for Nissan must be remembered as a result of a serious fire risk, a huge number of cars for a very serious problem, which makes this 2019 even harder for the Japanese house.

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The reason for the problem discovered by Nissan is to find an imperfection in the seal ABS pump, which may cause liquids to leak which may cause contact with the circuits located near the pump dangerous short circuits: a situation that, as Nissan concluded, has the potential to turn into a fire.

Hence, the recall refers to 394,000 vehicles among Nissan United States of America (2017-2018), Nissan Maxima (2016-2017), Nissan Murano (2015-2016) and Infiniti QX60 from 2017. For all owners of these vehicles, Nissan's invitation is pretty alarming: if the ABS warning light comes on and stays on for more than 10 seconds, Nissan strongly advises you to "Park the vehicle outside, away from other vehicles and structures and avoid driving. "

The company will release more updates on the problem by December 2, meanwhile it will begin contacting the owners of the vehicles in question to replace the ABS aquifer with a new one. designed from scratch.

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