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Nintendo Switch Games from June 2019

June is the month of Super Mario Maker 2, debuting on the Nintendo Switch, but there are also some very interesting releases like Crash Team Racing: Nitro-fueled, Bloodstained and Mutant Year Zero.

Nintendo Switch he will see the arrival of several games of great interest June 2019. The main meal of the month is undoubtedly presented with an exclusive Super Mario Maker 2, which debuts the hybrid console with new tools and features, as well as a set of hundred levels ready for testing. Blood: A ritual of the night does not catapult in the darkest atmospheres of the best metrodiania, because the post-apocalyptic world of the strategic is vague and disturbing Mutant Year Zero: The Road to Eden. Those who want to have fun without brakes, literally, can instead try their hand at frenetic races Racing accident: Nitro fuel, another debut franchise on the Nintendo platforms.

Blood: A ritual of the night

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Starting at June 18
Which Igarshi, the father of the genus metroidvania, makes his great return with Bloodstained: The Rite of the Night, a two-dimensional action RPG set in the nineteenth century and is characterized by Gothic atmospheres very close to those of the series Castlevania. Under the command of Miriam, a warrior struck by a curse that slowly transforms his body into a crystal, we will have to go into the depths of a huge castle attacking the demonic forces and defeating the author of magic, evil Goebbel. Managing the enterprise will not be easy, because our opponent uses his powers to call an entire army of hellish creatures ready to defend him: we will have to beat them one by one with a rich and adaptable arsenal, with the possibility of gradually unblocking new special attacks and spells to throw away from consuming a little flaw. The end result promises to be an engaging combination of Igarshi's best works, and sorry if it's a bit.

Racing accident: Nitro fuel

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Starting at June 21

An arcade racer dedicated to the famous perimel created by Unlucky Dog is the protagonist this month of a great remake of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-fueled. Created on the wave of enthusiasm for N. Sane Trilogy, the game again proposes the original formula based on maps and fun characters drawn from the various episodes of the series, the powerful windows to gather on the road and get away from the mind, to be constantly confronted with all beer. From the content point of view, it's the title that gathers together elements from the original Crash Team Racing and from Nitro Card accident, which involves us in frenetic races in which we will demonstrate our ability to carry the float, a fundamental maneuver so that it can close each curve without lifting the foot of the accelerator. Structurally, the experience offers a variety of ways, including an online multiplayer and discreetly-rich campaign with one player, but it does not hit much at the technical level, as the frame remains anchored to 30 frames per second.

Mutant Year Zero: The Road to Eden

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Starting at June 25th

Produced by Funcom and Developed by Warts, Mutant Year Null: The Road to Eden is based on the strategic tradition of the great classics as XCOM to lead us into a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, a post-apocalyptic scenario based on a Swedish role-playing game that has become very popular also due to its unusual narrative findings that blend black humor and tension. Protagonists are mercenaries fighting large radioactive land, where to find precious objects, but also dangerous threats to confront, in the form of creatures sometimes so powerful that they make us avoid them by using the component Stealth involved in the game. Faced with a number of recovery missions, we will have to adjust our style to the situation and try to bring our skin home, given the very deep and original experience.

Super Mario Maker 2

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Starting at June 28th

After the great success of the first episode, Super Mario Maker 2 marks the debut of the Nintendo Switch franchise with an even rich and multilayered experience. Creative software actually received several new tools and useful features to achieve levels engaging and surprise with unprecedented vertical development, slides, new enemies and traps, special rules, and even a day / night cycle that will be used to give more charm to our works and share them with the community, so they so you can play 4 modern users. The Creative Package includes a cooperative mode that allows editing operations with a friend, sharing workloads and challenging each other to find new ideas. Who wants to get an idea of ​​the stages that can be realized in the game, will have bread for their teeth, thanks to hundred levels already ready for use, which change the style of various episodes of the adventures of Mario to suggest interesting experiments and great variety in sense of game.

Other titles will be announced in June

Face Q2: A new movie maze, to be released on June 4th
MotoGP 19, to be released on June 6th
Tokki, to be released on June 6th
Samurai Shodown, to be released on June 25th
Super Neptunia RPG, to be released on June 28th

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