Tuesday , January 26 2021

New Dpcm, distance learning for high schools. Turning and lesson timing: some organizational models


The October 24 dpcm, which includes measures to curb the spread of Covid infection, also envisages distance learning alternately with a presence of at least 75% in secondary schools. Usr for Veneto has published several slides with examples of organizational models.

Possible organizational models

Remote mode rotation of whole groups of classes

  • The existing weekly timetable can be maintained
  • The type of shifts to be adopted has been identified (weekly, biweekly shifts)
  • The classes that will conduct face-to-face teaching for each shift are identified, taking into account the time interval of four weeks (until November 24).
  • We attempt to modulate shifts in order to comply with the quota specified by DPCM (quota equal to at least 75% of activities)

School schedule

The USR for Veneto recommends that an adequate total number of hours of synchronous didactic activity be guaranteed (never less than 20 hours), with the possibility of providing further activities in small groups, as well as suggestions in asynchronous mode according to the methods considered most appropriate

  • guarantees teaching of all disciplines as much as possible
  • possibility to reshape the duration of the class (eg 40/45 minutes)

Hypothesis with the same number of hours for each year

That is. 1:
Classes from 1st to 5th with 25% of the present time

That is. 2:
first and second classes 50% of the time
third and fourth classes with 0% of the present time
fifth grade with 25% of the time present

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Schools are closed in 5 regions, distance learning at least 75% in others: regional regulations [AGGIORNATO]


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