Saturday , October 16 2021

New decree for the Musumeci: everything was closed in Sicily on Sunday

Open pharmacies and tobacco shops. Sicily remains orange for now

PALERMO – “We are in the phase of great attention and I decided to accompany the national and regional decisions with a decree that aims to support the first positive signs, avoiding on Sundays and holidays the collection opportunities we saw in many pictures published by the media . We ask everyone to do their best in the next important days “.

This was announced by the president of the Sicilian region, Nelo Musumechi, which tonight adopted a decree aimed at limiting the incidence of infection on Sundays and holidays. The closure of commercial activities is expected with the exception of pharmacies, pharmacists, tobacco growers and kiosks and the home for food products, fuels for home use and heating.

“Difficult moment”

“We owe that,” the governor continues, “to health workers who demonstrate an unprecedented opportunity to intervene, but we also owe it to all economic operators who are facing difficult times and, ultimately, we owe it to ourselves, so that you must return to as normal a life as possible in the times imposed by the pandemic ».

Phone call with Hope

“I heard Minister Speranza,” Musumeci continued, “who was expecting a decision to renew the ordinance for all orange areas in Italy, setting up the first technical comparison next week for a new regional risk assessment.” “During a telephone call with the regional health adviser, the minister was able to highlight the improvement of the regional framework, also in light of the restrictive measures that have already been adopted.”

Wallpaper screening

The President of the Region announces that “in the next few days we will continue to monitor infectious disease indices, evaluate measures to reduce extra-regional mobility, adopt retention protocols shared with local authorities, with category screening. We all have to do our part and we can not ignore it before individual behaviors that too often seem marked by a lack of responsibility. “The president of the region has a duty to guarantee a difficult balance between the right to health and the right to sociality.”

“Timeliness is needed”

“We have received – he concludes – the indications coming from our epidemiological observatory and the region is expanding the monitoring of larger areas of the municipalities, with objective parameters that lead to the adoption of measures from the” red zone “. Timeliness is needed, but above all scientific rigor. Checks are needed to ensure the effectiveness of the measures. What is not necessary, I say with respect to every opinion, are the controversies that tend to divide the institutions. “I give my message of unity to President Matarella and I want to be an interpreter, guaranteeing, as we have done since the beginning of the health emergency, decisions that are the result of analysis and sharing.”

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