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Nadia Tofa, 100 (ex) Hyena on stage to remember her and her farewell video

Everyone is waiting to see Le Inne, the first episode without Nadia Tofa, Tuesday, October 1 at 9.25pm ​​Italy. They are ious curious, they miss it. The public wants to see how it will be remembered. She was always smiling, smiling to the end. The cry was not expected. And the program designed by David Panditi has decided to remember it in two different and intense moments. The first is a cheerful video, Nadia, we come, where all the hyenas of the past prepare, they dress up, wash themselves, leave the house, greet their children, take a train, a car, a bicycle and go to the hyena studio on stage, dressed in black to pay tribute to Nadia. And, you see people you have removed under the guise of hyenas, well-known characters you didn't remember, stars who are doing something else now. alienating them to see them all, for funny: Claudio Bisio, Enrico Luci, Luciana Liticetto, Simona Ventura, Luca and Paolo, Fabio Volo, Enrico Bertolino, Victoria Cableo, Geppi Kuciari, Enrico Brigano, Marco A Bario, Marco A Bario , Fabio De Luigi, Dino Arririruso, Afef, Mago Forrest, Matano, Pif, Pio and Amedeo, Angela Rafanelli, Javio Rovaci, Alessandro Sortino, Dario Vergasola. And many other. Everything for her, to emphasize the sense of belonging that has always characterized the program, to give that feeling to a family that nurtured Tofa to all her companions. Bertolino is right when he writes We all met again, another great little Nadia masterpiece. Thank you Nadia for this latest good service. And, of course, there are the hyenas of today, his companions in the last few months: Nina Palmieri, Roberta Rei and Veronica Ruggeri (the female trio will alternate in Thursday night's episode with the male trio formed by Ululio Golias, Filippo Romeo and) . Not to forget all the posters: Andrea Agristi, Niccol Bello, Cisco, Michele Cordaro, Stefano Corti, Alessandro De Usuzepe, Nicole De Devitis, Sebastian Gazarini, ululia Inocenzi, Ismail La Vardine, Ali Mardino, Ali Mardin, Ali Pasca, Gaetano Pecoraro, Luigi Pelacca, Alessandro Politi, Roberta Rey, Alessandro Di Sarno, Silvio Chambri, Niccolle Torieli, Gaston Zama.

One hundred hyenas

Hundreds of hyenas enter the scene. They hold back tears. They are all dressed in black on stage and not in mourning but as a sign of friendship. In the background beautiful picture of Nadia. Music of the Rolling Stones. Someone mentions a smile. Nadia's photo behind seems to want to accept everyone. Standing ovation. The eyes become bright, the applause becomes strong. Alessia Marcuzi, conductor on Tuesday, speaks with Nicolas Savino

Alessia Markuzi's words

We thought a thousand times how to start the first episode of Hyenas without her. The words don't work. It was best to stay here together, all together and celebrate life, because he loved it. Many of us didn't know what was really going on. Nadia didn't talk to everyone about it. He told everyone there was a terrible illness, but we all had hope. When the news arrived, the shot was too loud. Also for you. All hugs to the public, a huge job. Nadia's strength was to bring people together, she was a human thinner. And he put us here tonight. Maybe not everyone knows that Nadia knew right away that her cancer would not give her more than a year. When he said, "If you go to Google and write in the name of my disease, your head turns and you have to sit." We remember the fighting Nadia, the aggressive Nadia, asking questions because she was crying too much, but she never showed it. That warrior decided to fight her way, she wanted to go ahead and smile, even if she was afraid she wanted to give her the disease. He continued not to be ashamed, he constantly reminded us that there is someone in almost every family struggling with dignity and strength. She always said that it doesn't matter how you live, but how you live. He always did what he wanted to do, he wanted to do the hyena from a girl. In my opinion she now looks at us and laughs and tells us, "but look at" those minions ". You are a magical girl Nadia, you have filled our hearts and you do not see us anywhere. Nadia too decided to leave a testimony, a surprise, a look

Vocal message from December 21, 2018

Here is the special memory of Nadia, sought after by her, chosen by her, thought by her, lucidly, before she died. A long 20-minute video where Nadia talks. We hear Nadia Tofa's voice sending a vocal message to Giorgio Romiti, the author who most often worked with her. Friend. on December 21, 2018, La Iena knows she has little to live for. Nadia calls him on the phone and asks him to go to his house with a camera, microphone, etc., because he has an idea, or rather a surprise. After the whole Giants' family – above all her ex-boyfriend, the author of the program, Max Farinho – from beginning to end they said it was Nadia's wish.

Farewell video

Giorgio arrives. The camera turns on, Nadia appears: sitting in her kitchen. He has short, messy hair, a swollen face, a vital smile. Before her (but never seen) Giorgio and Max. the surprise – she begins to tell – that I would like to meet friends, old, new, loved ones, relatives, colleagues who left their mark in this terrible year of mine, people that's really important, that was the charge. I would like you to help me record these meetings. Luke asks why he wants to meet them now. Because I changed a lot last year. Not how you live, but how you live. When someone dies, I think the question is: how old was he? It doesn't mean anything. The years do not count, but if you have lived intensively. I do everything possible to delay my death, all possible care. I do everything, but I keep coming back to cancer. See you when the time comes, but I do not believe much.

I want to know the truth, what they think of me

The strength of his words comes as a blow to his stomach. will

he wants to meet people who are important because he wants to know what they really think about him, he wants to live a moment of pure truth and leave a beautiful memory. Externally, others like you live this I want to know. I'm happy and I love life, but I want to know the truth of what they really think of me. I'm not afraid of criticism, I'm not offended, they might take some pebbles out of their shoes. I like honesty, truth, naturalness. Who do you want to meet? asks Luke People who in times of need are really more or less on one side of their fingers – Nadia underlines. This pain also hits you in the face. You understand who really loves you.

Mom, friends, David Pantiti

I want to meet my mother Margerita, a beautiful person, more sorry for her than for me; Max who will be with us at chemo; two of my high school classics, Marguerite and Francesca; my friend from Brescia, Tomasso who wishes me a good soul for my brother; my boss David Pantiti. Then my friend Sarah, my grandmother Mary, 97, a woman in one piece, a rock; my granddaughter Alice (I'm proud of her so much). And I'd like to go to Silvio Berlusconi: I've never known him, but would be so curious to ask him. I feel very grateful for him because he started the helicopter to take me to San Rafael immediately after I was sick in Trieste. really worried about me. I would like to thank him. And I'd say to him, "I've never voted for her, I'm not the best presenter on Mediaset, why does she love me so much?" And indeed, Daniel confirms that we are deeply grateful to our publisher. Her fixed room, reserved for San Rafael, made her available to Nadia, she always sought news for him, doing everything possible for her. He called and commented on the episodes. He said, "When you're not there, those three crows …". (Nadia will never meet Silvio Berlusconi, but they will often hear by phone)

Joyful will

Nadia's video is a really joyful testament

, but that's no discount: Tragedy shakes the truth in your face, who loves you. And everything is clearer. And you understand that true friends do not give up on you. Why do you want to make this movie Nadia? Luke asks again. Because we can meet again, stop the moment. freeze for a moment. At this point, too, arrives Toth, his beloved cartridge. they hug each other. End of video. All those videos were recorded. They are intense, they move. It's not yet time to send them on the air – explains Parenti – too painfully. See you later. Now the meetings need to be restarted, to prolong life.

We start with the episode

Back in the studio. Alessia Marcuzi and Nicolas Savino demand a smile for Nadia. Savino: Let's start this season with the Giants episode, talking about Sanit: the department of Taranto's oncology hospital was dedicated to Nadia Tofa, she's already an honorary citizen of Taranto. And now let's move on to the good news: the Bologna Hospital's excellence. And it really starts again.

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