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Motorola Razr: I admire all my nostalgic compactness (photo)

Enrico Packus

16 official photos, all for you!

A few hours from one of the most anticipated events from Motorola's recent history, the first official pictures of the new ones come out Motorola Razor, a smartphone where the future (curling screens) meets the past (concept of a shell phone).

It really is real photos obtained from FCC certification of the product, which represents a sensor any footprints on the front (where the door is also located) USB-C) and a display that seems to be missing malfunction on the central hook of the Folk Gallery.

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But the images show not only the exterior but also inside the smart phone, chipset validation Qualcomm and the various internal components. Curious: only one comes out of the photos battery from 1165 mAh; let's hope Motorola has a twin somewhere.

To close,official Twitter account the company changed the image of cover. Do you recognize him? It really is profile from Motorola Raz! Are you ready? We can't wait to have it in our hands.

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