Monday , October 25 2021

Milan-Juve is Higuain-CR7, but Rino "cage" Bonucci


our correspondent with Milanello

One hundred times Milan-Juventus in Milan. Great signatures for the 100th championship challenge at Madonnina. The first with the Milan jersey Gonzalo Higuain, the first ever Cristiano Ronaldo. Comrades to Real Madrid, always opponents after. Pipita against CR7, regardless of what you look at, is their challenge. An Argentinian sent from Turin to make room for the Portuguese, even if in this respect Massimiliano Allegri thinks differently: "It was a common choice for both sides, he is one of the best strikers in the world and he will play a great match from the ex" Poisoned. But your coach is holding Ronaldo close: "the best striker in the world". Gennaro Gattuso compared to when he met him in 2007, he considers him "more mature". Of course, it was easy to blow his nerves and play hard. He prepared the cage, because if someone is to blame the man that "this is Bonucci", he surprises the coach Rossoneri. Following this phenomenon, he found his former captain who played a key role in his first Milan: "I can say that it was important to us, especially for Romagnola, then I do not know how fans will greet him".

In an interview with the former Allegri, he says that he "does not need advice"; instead, Gattuso a Higuain recommends: "He must be calm because he is easily annoyed." The coach from Milan also finds a former teammate and former coach: "Friend, we have long phone calls, that's why he talks about me well. I had some arguments with him and Leonardo, but I used them to learn to trade." Speaking of Rossoneri ds, emergency injury it triggers a market discussion, and here Gattuso between his lines hisses: "So I will be the last one to find out …" In any case, in order not to make mistakes, he thinks about the field, he has confidence in his team because he discovered the ghost for a few weeks and the eyes that I like. The injuries have revived us ». Prepare AC Milan, who can also copy Mourinho & # 39; s Manchester United: hold the lady on the thorns as much as possible, then see what will happen in the final. Rossoneri specialized in victories for the last breath, after the derby lesson. But this time, unlike Inter, and not because of criticism ("I do not know how to play to draw"), Milan will be more courageous, respecting Juventus: "We must see where we are waiting …", Gattuso's doubt, which makes us think of a race as high as when it says "a ghost" who presents a press conference, it torments him coldly and he takes it with him "I'm cool without a jacket in the field …" And in any case thoughts are for "Juventus, which looks like a circus, for the ease with which his face changes." But Allegri is happy only when he wins: "On Wednesday we had a good game, all of which are happy, but we lose. And it causes me a lot of trouble ».

Look at Milan-Juventus and think that the defenders will decide. Rossoneri for the first time did not lose the goal in Udine, and Bianconeri found that the strength of seven championships in a row turned into an Achilles heel. Allegri explains: «We aim at an inactive ball or because we are falling asleep». Gattuso admits: "I'd rather take one more goal and make three."

You say Milan-Juventus and you think that in the two previous 2018 we have seven goals to one (3-1 in the league and 4-0 in the final of the Italian Cup). But Allegri is unbalanced on one side: "We will play a great game". Gattuso responds: "They are stronger than us, but anything can happen in football, we play with high-ups, we will fight." And now he has extra Higuain. On the other side is Cristiano Ronaldo, which he has already stopped. In the end, we always go back there: Pipita against CR7.

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