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"Men and Women," along with Alessandro Zarino, in today's episode of Ilaria Teolis and Nancy Sansone. And in the meantime, Sertani …

Classic Throne - Alessandro Zarino

It has been controversial in the last few hours of the world Men and women after airing the last two episodes of the well known dating show on Channel 5.

It all started after yesterday's episode where we saw a fierce clash between the two transmission tronists, and former An island of temptation, Alessandro Zarino and Ululio Russell after the first, prompted by Maria De Philippi, report to the throne companion, who cast a shadow over his path and pointed to dubious knowledge between the latter and his suitors Veronica Cedofi (HERE you can read the words of Julio of the issue published on magazine on Men and women).

A spit that seems to have failed to escape Ilaria Theolisalso a former participant in documentary reality summer, which through its profile Instagram showed his closeness to Zarino and seems to indirectly support the latter's thesis in relation to Julio: "Short memory is sometimes the best protection while the conscience is dirty".

To talk about web- then it was the general attitude of the study towards Alessandro whose sincerity has been questioned several times in recent episodes, culminating in the hasty choice and subsequent refusal of Veronica Burcieli: Leading suitors of the handsome Neapolitan who immediately after "no" became the new Tronista. Many then saw what happened in the studio aimed at publishing Alessandro from the transmission and raise the throne on Burchielli (according to several users already informed about everything).

To show solidarity with Alessandro then came again Teolis, this time accompanied by Nancy Sansone (also a former participant on An island of temptation) who wanted to tell what was going on in the last few hours:

The problem is always the same: honest and clean people are not always appreciated, but over time everyone will discover and at that point they will understand what a great person you are. You are a great man, you are pure, honest … that is you Ale! Always with you. It's gone like this, it's doing nothing. You deserve so much and then you have me, you have us. You are our big brother always ready to listen, counsel and hug us. If it's special Ale!

Public suspicions were then directed at the transmission of guilt, according to many users of web-, by using a trap against it Zarino: verified thesis, given what many thought, from opinion makers' comments Tina Hipolar and Ianani Serti against Tronista. Spertirecently, they seem to have responded to virtual criticism with cryptic outbursts company: "Some people make movies … but the films that Machiavelli is trivial in comparison!".

And what do you think about it? Which side are you on?

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