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Meditation is good for anxiety and depression

There are several scientific studies on the benefits that the practice of meditation brings to our body and mind. There are different types of meditation. But the common goal is to temporarily move away from everyday life to achieve greater self-control. Meditation has a long history. It is a practice that comes from the East, especially when it comes to transcendental meditation. But over time, he also developed and expanded his life together.

Meditation is good for anxiety and depression

A study conducted by Hopkins University School of Medicine found that meditation is among the natural remedies for anxiety and depression. About 30 minutes of meditation a day is enough. In some cases, they also found effects almost comparable to those of antidepressants. Unbelievable. Meditation can also be very helpful in improving concentration and memory. Allowing yourself half an hour a day to turn off your brain is essential. It helps us to block the noise from what is happening in the world. And take a moment to relax.

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How do you do that?

You do not need to follow the rules to meditate. But if you want to do it according to oriental discipline, here’s how. Just sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. You close your eyes and try to separate the mind from all thoughts. You can help yourself with relaxing music, a candle or a perfume. Then you start focusing on your breath. Natural breath nothing forced. And after a while the mind will relax and we will not have more worries and worries. At least thirty minutes a day.

Therefore, meditation benefits from anxiety and depression. Taking time to break away from the routine of everyday life is the key to feeling good. If we can not meditate alone, there are applications that can help us. To find out more, click here.

(We remind you to read carefully the warnings in this regard, which you can consult WHO “)

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