Friday , October 15 2021

Measles: the importance of the vaccine

Written by Beatrice Cicala.

Why it is important to protect yourself from the risk of dangerous diseases such as measles?

After recent events at the Bari hospital, where a 12-year-old girl No-VAX he came to the ambulance on the eighth day of measles, it is clear that the infection is virtually immediate. In fact, it infected 8 children.

The Minister of Health said: "We can not let our guard on the measles !!" and again "a few months ago the WHO called us back to dthe vaccination range is still too low".

Doctors say that measles can be transferred as early as 3 days before the first symptoms are detected up to 7 days after the appearance of exanthem.

What are measles and what are the symptoms of measles?

vaccineThe Oder is one contagious disease exanthematous high catchingThe first pre-antantistic symptoms are high fever for a few days, symptoms of cooling, fatigue and muscle pain. A few days later he provokes rash which mostly solves itself. The measles complications occur in 30% of cases and include diarrhea, pneumonia, otitis media and encephalitis.

The measles is a very dangerous disease, think only about 6% of children with measles developed then pneumonia and 1 in 1000 cases you may have a serious brain infection leads to death or mental retardation.

Pediatricians recommend vaccination of children, because the decision to vaccinate their children allows the disease to spread, which in 2018 should have been extinguished.

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