Saturday , September 26 2020

Mateo Renzi squeezes Nicolas Zingarretti: eight more councilors move to Italy Viva


It was not enough to give birth to the schism immediately after the formation of the government, Matteo Renzi puts his finger on the torment of his former party. Having found himself in the government with the five educators as allies, the Democratic Party must deal with internal bleeding. The former prime minister said goodbye to "stolen" numerous supporters of Nicola Zingarretti. Among the last there are eight councilors from Palermo passing along Yves, becoming the first political force present in the municipal council.

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The large Renzian lineup will be as follows: in the Hall del Lapidi there will be ex-pitches Francesco Bertolino, Dario Finici, Carlo Di Pisa, plus Sandro Terani (originated from Mov139). While the group "Sicily Futura" will take the name "Sicily Futura after Italy Iva" and form Gianluca Inzerillo, Catherine Melley, Usuzepina Rusa and Otavio Can. "Italy Viva – they let us know by note – proves that the real news on the national political scene. An innovative project capable of attracting women and men who want good politics and reject the false recipes of the populist. But the arrivals don't end there: "More and more local administrators are actually clinging to the theme that starts with territories and neighborhoods to get back in direct contact with citizens and get them back on top." And so Renzi's desire to keep them the yellow-reds in his hands with his numbers are becoming more realistic.

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