Saturday , September 19 2020

Manevar, Confederacy of the North rejects government for taxes and car companies


Marco Bononetti, Enrico Carraro, Pietro Ferrari and Fabio Ravanelli are presidents of the Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont Associations. Data for Istat represent 36,000 registered companies, 300 billion in exports and a significant portion of the 835 billion GDP of these four regions. They are, in fact, the protagonists of that Northern Party that embodies – as Angelo Panebianco wrote yesterday – a hopeless Italy and even electorally stronger than its enemies imagine. Bonometti & C. stay away from everything against the Italian political struggle and strive to speak only and exclusively about content. They do not seem to be orphans of the old government, nor do they talk about ballot boxes to tear down the political framework; they are deeply disappointed with the Conte Biss and economic policy maneuver.

Letter to MPs

Carraro recently sent a letter to Venetian deputies and senators asking for parliamentary changes to three measures: a) plastic tax, b) sugar tax, c) car companies. He appreciates the government's choice to reduce the tax wedge, but I still do not understand how and how much, in the end, seems to me a purely symbolic provision. So, what was supposed to be an engagement ring between the Osalorosi party and the GDP ends up counting to almost zero. To the extent that Ravanelli claims in the maneuver that he saw so many shadows and only one light that prevented the VAT increase. Piedmontese explains: This government, like the antithetical force formerly among them, therefore cannot cultivate far-reaching projects, but only moves to avoid the contradictions between PD and 5-star exploding. So pull over so you can live.

Culture of growth

Bon Transparent Bononites: If they wanted to destroy the industrial system, they would succeed. It has wasted 20 billion dollars with a share of 100, citizenship income and first with 80 euros without job creation and without meeting young people. We saw the 5 schools with both the League and the Democratic Party, the same result. So, a problem with a culture of growth that they don't have. Ferrari adds: "a government of improvisation. The measures they propose are not considered from a technical and legislative point of view.

The example that President Emilia brings is that of plastic. We are the first to want to change, but making progress in the area of ​​material recycling involves studies, changes in processes and technologies. Our companies do this, their efforts should be encouraged and not demonized. Increasing only 10% of the biodegradable component of milk packaging takes time and head. Ravanelli insists: Our companies are already paying contributions to the recycling consortium and with zero reporting they saw a double increase in costs. But companies are penalized and alternative forms are not encouraged. And we forget that in recycling, Italy is a European best practice. I really hope that parliament understands this and has changed the plastic tax.

Controversial taxes

Increases the dose of Bonometi: true that they avoided VAT increases, but created new taxes scattered in many flows. I mean car cars. Taxing them will cause a 70-80% reduction, putting at risk about 250,000 registrations. Employees will return to use their car and claim mileage, an anachronistic solution. Instead, it would be wise to return the super-depreciation of instrument cars, which in the past has generated 3 euros of revenue for each subscriber to the state and local authorities. While Bavaria has set aside $ 50 billion to deal with the car crisis, Minister Patanueli has announced tables and sub-tables, but there is nothing concrete in the maneuver. If you want to reduce CO2 emissions, you should encourage the purchase of new cars, as 15m euros 3 and 4m euros are still running on the roads.

Works for 70 billion

Also, the northern industrialists are smearing on the infrastructure. Ravanelli claims: Turin-Lyon was released by parliamentary vote, but high speeds to the east cannot end in Brescia. The great European corridors are a leading force and we have to connect with them, but it does not seem to be the culture of this government. Hopefully Europe will decide on a master plan for Delor and call on Italy to do its part. In the meantime, 70 billion works have already been paid and ready to begin construction. We can start from here.

Closes book on sugar tax appeals, northern companies also in this case do not make discounts and reject the government. Argue for all Carraro: true that there is popular health sensitivity, but the government played it against companies. Medium-term plan was not needed, they preferred to act as scapegoats and tax us with emblems. But will so many distances with the government bring the Emilia companies to support the upheaval in the Region? We are more than equals distant – Ferrari replies – We respect democratic dialectics, we just hope that whoever wins will not throw away what is good. I mean the law to attract investment. The Lamborghini, Philips Morris and Toyota, three heavyweights, arrived. Contrary to Ilva where we helped a great deal to escape.

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