Tuesday , September 22 2020

"Mandzukic has a high salary. Sari has character. Su Ronaldo …"


Maurizio Biscridge spoke on the microphones of Radio Sportiva.

"We will not say that it is Lausano's failure, when he plays that he has done his part, the rest of Naples is wrong.

Florence could be useful for many teams: if it changes the air, I think it could do well anywhere. Gatuzo has given that cohesion that Milan lacks today, it also lacks the conviction of the players, maybe with Piooli things can change.

Mandzukic has a high salary and this reduces the cost of the tag along with the fact that he does not play.

I believe that the possibility of Nandes-Naingogolan exchange between Kliari and Inter is emerging.

Montelivi explained, the other little boy should be heard if Milan considers it.

Lime is wrong, judges are wrong, mistakes go on because there are wrong rules that favor mistakes.

Finding Surrey and Higuain's running team returns a player who punishes when he gets the right ball. I'm never about returning horses, I don't think Pogba makes chaos, I think Juve wants more.

Surrey has the character to make and support certain decisions. The story talks about Cristiano Ronaldo, but the champions can also be replaced. Su Emre Khan is apparently fighting for Juve's coach.

You can't expect him to lead this Milan. Feature of Romagnoli is a great player who can make a difference in the chorus but is not the first violin

I believe next year Juve will assess the surpluses first. In my opinion, Ronaldo is not fit and makes it darker because champions are such when they cannot do what the qualities are.

Ownership is very important, because a strong society puts you in the best of terms from a structural, psychological point of view: The president is not only the one who puts the money in, but the one who allows you to work in the best way.

Surrey is a great coach who arrived where he deserved to be. Conte is true that he left all the teams he was in, but he also won. Allegri talks about the curriculum: you go to the game to taste, but the newsletter is there. "

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