Saturday , September 26 2020

Malore Matsumoto, is in a confident forecast – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – TURIN, November 16 – Leigi Matsumoto is forecast
reserved for the Molineet Hospital in Turin, where he stayed
40 years of Captain Charlotte, his most famous character. on
Japanese designer (82), who felt bad yesterday
night, was intubated and found in Resurrection directed by
Dr. Roberto Balagna.

Matsumoto feels bad yesterday afternoon and for this reason
reason, he canceled the evening at Cinema Massimo.

An ambulance was driven back to the downtown hotel
from 118 he transferred to Molineet, where he was
undergoing initial investigations, including CT. to
going to the causes of the disease will last at least 24 more
hours. Not all events from Leigi Matsumoto's Italian tour
are only those from Turin, but also from Bologna and Reggio Emilia
canceled. "We apologize to all the fans who have been named
to the master and wish him a speedy recovery, "they say
the organizers of the association that bears his name.