Wednesday , June 16 2021

Malagò does not retreat: "For 4 lines in the Financia the government kills Rożki". Giorgetti: "Surrealistic words"


Even the A series league declares war on the government

ROME – "From morning to evening, with 4 lines in finance, Coni was killed." So Giovanni Malagò returns to controversy with the government, on the margins of events at the Parco del Foro Italico. "Toni too high? The official document of my mandate is nothing more than an out of place act." On all sides he repeated the invitation, hope and right to enter into dialogue – he emphasizes – whether you were proportionately smaller or larger in relation to the severity of the problem and events that have occurred but have not been reported and communicated. '

"Imagine," he continued, "that you are completely distorted and distorted in terms of the functions assigned by law from morning to evening, it is difficult to find someone who reacts in a more polite and correct way than what was done, a vulgar word, an absolute respect for institutions. '

"He is right, we would miss Coni being identified with a person: CONI is 105 years old and is perfect", said Malagò, on the margins of the conference, commenting on the statements of the undersecretary to the Council Presidency sport Giancarlo Giorgetti published several newspapers in the news introduced in the budget law regarding sport. Referring to the hypothesis that cones have adopted prerogatives that do not belong to him, Malagò replied: "It does not correspond to the truth: Cones simply did what the law imposes on the law of the state. Let us return to the dynamics of politics." "I do not want to raise any controversy," he added, "we want to try to build something that will avoid the fractures honestly facing everyone, in this sense the mandate given to me by the National Council is grossly wide." Finally, regarding the change that would change the future name of Coni's services from Sport and Salutè spa to the Sport and Benesserère spa, Malagò replied: "No explanation required: I was told that the word" health "can not be introduced because mistakes, being a public company, in the Ministry of Health. Do not let me say anything more, everyone is the master of commenting on the name. "

GIORGETTI: "MALAGO appetizers"? SURREALI "- "Reform of cones?" It is certain that this measure is carried out with the use of an instrument that allows discussion in the parliament, not on the basis of a decree, "said Undersecretary of the Council Presidency, delegated to sport, Giancarlo Giorgetti, guest of" Zapping "in Radio Uno." Is this is a common measure, also in an approach, with five-star movement, every day we held meetings with Malagò, we listened and made proposals to improve the text, we are trying to implement our government agreement. "

"Malagò accuses the politician of wanting to take CONI. Something surreal: Italian sport is dead thanks to CONI, the government or sports minister, but he lives thanks to tens of thousands of volunteers and sport animators who all day keep amateur sports associations alive. What the government needs to do to create economic and other conditions so that these associations can function better everyday, "Giorgetti continued. "CONI must prepare for a high level of sport and take care of Olympic preparation, in accordance with the law, and will continue to do so safely in absolute autonomy."

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