Saturday , September 19 2020

Live – Not DURING, Gabriel Garko talks about his new life: "Drama has changed me"


Beautiful and fascinating, Gabriel Garko has always had that mysterious attitude that so intrigues women. An attitude that, to be honest, he built it on thanks to his always keeping up maximum confidentiality of his private life, showing only the bare minimum. Perhaps for this reason, Barbara D & # 39; Urso has decided to invite her In live and give him a space with an interesting interview.

Did Barbara D. Urso do what her colleagues failed to do with the opening of Gabriel Garko? Yes and no. The points to be touched were different, but we know: there are some that attract more public attention. The question for his alleged weddingFor example, the emergence of faith in the actor's finger actually made the fans' imagination fly.

So D & # 39; Urso tried to talk about the secret marriage Marco had, but it was easy for him to deny it to Mara Venier during an interview with Sunday in. DURSO, noting his lack of faith, asked Garko if he was still ill-tempered. He replied, but without overreacting:

Yes, but I still have to understand what love is. You realize that, for two years, sometimes things don't get paid.

However, there is utter buzz around love life actor. Although Garko has long been in love and ready to start a family, the mysterious person who stole his heart is still illuminated. And those who were waiting for Gabriele Rossi's new accolades were disappointed.

At DURSO, which he warmly embraced, the actor wanted instead tell her new life, began with the adventure of Sanremo 2016. An important professional experience for his career, but there were also repercussions on his lifestyle.

During the days when Garko was busy San Remoin fact, he was involved in a bad accident. The villa he stayed in exploded as a result of gas leaks and survived a miracle. He recalled those bad moments that marked him:

San Remo It was a great opportunity to debunk the character I've always played and show my personality. Unfortunately, this damn accident changed my life for the better. I never wanted to talk about it, I didn't want to march in shame. I went to sleep, I thought it was a nightmare, I heard a distant cry, I saw light, I felt very hot. Then I realized that I was awake, not a nightmare and managed to get out of the rubble.

Barbara D. Urso also addresses the issue of cosmetic surgery. Gabriel Garko, in fact, has often been accused of intervening. The actor, however, once again denied everything and said he no longer felt the opinion of those who criticized him for these things. And the presenter, to show how Garfo was "authentic", has unexpected kissed on the lips.

The Live One – Not D & # 39; Urso it was certainly an interview in which Garko managed to divert questions about his love life. However, it can be said that he opened up a lot by talking about the incident it definitely changed his life. The actor, between emotions and laughter, managed to show his true personality, to the delight of all his admirers.

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