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Live – Not D & # 39; Urso, Marko Carta's first words after acquittal

The adventure of Marko Map, released by the Milan judge just hours ago. The singer has been charged with theft, referring to the incident that occurred on May 31, 2019 at Rinalencenzo in Milan. Now that the story is over, Carda is ready to tell her truth in front of the cameras Live – not D & # 39; Urso.

"These months were a real nightmare, today with the word absolute I start breathing again": These are the artist's first words after hearing about the judge's decision. has taken his story to heart since the first moment. Right in his studio a few months ago, Marko Carta tearfully told about the hard charge he had stolen from stealing six 1,200 euros worth of t-shirts. With him, at the material time, he had a dear friend, Fabiana Mouskas, for whom the judge's decision is still pending.

This morning the trial closed with closed doors reading the sentence by referee Stefano Caramellino of Milan's sixth penalty. Prosecutor Nicola Rosato asked for an eight-month jail sentence and a 400-euro fine for Marco Carta, but the judge rejected his request and releases singer "because she didn't do the work". Card was not present in the courtroom but was immediately notified by telephone from his lawyer. Ansa reports that the artist is burst into tears thanking his lawyer for learning the news.

His story kept everyone in suspense. In these months, Marco Carta tried to move on with his life looking forward to this moment, thanks to the support of the people most dear to him – always proclaiming his innocence. During the summer, he tried to enjoy a few days in Greece with his companion Sirio, whom he has been visiting for four years. The two have been living in Milan for some time and indeed, there are those who speak of a possible marriage in sight. Now that everything is done for the best, the former winner of friends and from San Remo he can return to live the quiet, waiting for the future, a "new" life.

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