Thursday , September 24 2020

Listen to Concerts: "Napoleon sentenced to discontinuity, 50,000 euros and everything is settled"


Mario Sconcerti spoke on Radio Marty's microphones to talk about the negative moment experienced by Napoli's dressing room.

Mario Sconcerti released a few statements on the microphones Mars Sports Live, in-depth coverage of hot topics at home in Neapolitan – and not only – broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Mars. Here are his thoughts on the blue club: "The situation is resolved only by giving purpose to all. I have a very deep view of the players: not just Napoli. If there's another 50,000 euros for everybody if you get a third or fourth, maybe something changes. "

Concerts then added: "Of course, this does not bring the game back and does not address the technical limitations of a very lightweight midfielder who does not protect the defense. Napoli is doomed to discontinuity. There are limits, but this is not a perfect championship. More than winning the championship, you have lost "It is a question of continuing to keep the company high. You have to go to the Champions League and it is still possible."

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