Saturday , July 31 2021

Let, misfortune in hand: the love of his wife Patricia best medicine

Hand accident for Neck, who last days was hospitalized. To give the news to the same singer, who told his fans that he had an operation.

In fact, on his Instagram account, he posted a photo of himself during hospitalization, with a striking bandage on his arm. An embarrassment that still made him lose his smile, one of his trademarks: the singer actually showed a relaxed expression on his face, despite spending a few days in a hospital bed.

Once they were absent from social networks, Neck wanted to explain the reasons for this distance: “I had an accident while I was in my country house and, for several days, I was hospitalized after arm surgery“He wrote to the singer, reassuring fans about his health now that the worst is over.

“I’m fine, this is the most important thing now,” he added. I am followed by great doctors and I will give you news soon, I believe that things are going well. See you soon”.

Many comments for support from followers and “good luck” obtained from well-known colleagues, including Francesco Renga, Emma Marone, igiji D’Alessio, Usuzi Ferreri, Bianca Atzei, Chiara Galiazzo, as well as those directly from abroad by Anastasia, who wished him a speedy recovery.

Besides the Emilian singer, his adventurous partner Patricia Vacondio, with whom he has been married since 2006, after more than ten years together. Just a few days ago, his wife posted on her Instagram account a video of her beloved in black and white: a beautiful portrait of the singer, shared in the days of his hospitalization.

In addition to the photo, Patricia wrote the phrase “Oh, I know I know, I win easily”, accompanied by hashtags.My stone“And” My Love “, just to emphasize her support in those days that would surely worry her.

The love affair between Neck and Patricia began when she was already Martina’s mother, and after 11 years of relationship, orange blossoms arrived and in 2010 the two became Beatrice’s parents.

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