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Leclerc releases bull, Ferrari before 6 tenths of Mercedes! – OA Sport

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Hello and welcome back Live live from free practice 1 of the Azeri Grand Prix, the fourth round of the Formula 1 World Championship in 2019. On the trail of Baku one of the most spectacular weekends will be staged, on the track that is well suited to the show. The city circuit, equipped with very long tracks and at the same time with challenging parts, will be a real challenge for technicians and pilots who will have to find the right compromise between the speed of dust and the agility in the mix when setting.

Ferrari hopes to finally find solutions to problems from past weekends. The Red Army failed for a number of reasons to express the potential of the car and here it should change the trend. In fact, Mercedes has so far been dominant. The three couples in Australia, Bahrain and China put the three-point star in a high-power position with the British Lewis Hamilton at the top of the overall ranking of the pilots. The W10, unlike the SF90, proved to be fast and reliable in every situation, probably getting even more than what its capabilities had. Hence, the charlatan, starting from these freedoms, will want to find a good balance and the project of qualification and race in the best possible conditions. It should not be underestimated then Red Bull. The Milton Keynes team will have the new Honda Force Unit in this event, it benefits in terms of considerable power.

OA Sports offers you Live live for free practice 1 from the Azerbaijani doctor, the fourth round of the 2019 World Cup in Formula 1: news in real time and constant updates. It starts at 11:00. Have fun! (PHOTOCATTAGNI)

Free Practice Program – Presentation of Azerbaijan GP – Classification of championship drivers – Classification of the championship of the constructors



RESULTS AND CLASSIFICATION FREE TESTS 1: Ferrari was in the head before the cancellation








We thank everyone who joined us. Appointment tomorrow with free practice 3 and qualifications.

16.33 At the speed of the race, Silver Arrows appeared four dozen faster, but Ferrari was hiding behind large sections and, inter alia, two red flags complicated the work. Good start for the Horse Horse, more with Leclercke than with Vettel.

16.32 Ferrari descended on the lap. Unforgettable Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel three tenths behind his teammate. Mercedes, Hamilton at 7, and Botas at 1.1 second.


1 Charles Leklerker Ferrari 1: 42.872
2 Sebastian VETTEEL Ferrari +0.324
3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +0.669
4 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing +0.921
5 VOTERS BOTTAS Mercedes +1.131
6 Daniel Quit Toro Roso +1.305
7 Carlos Sainz McLaren +1.311
8 Alexander ALBON Toro Rosso +1,344
9 Pierre GASLI Red Bull Racing +1.368
10 Lando NORRIS McLaren +1,423
11 Kevin Magnusen Haas F1 Team + 2,029
12 Antonio GIVOVINACI Alfa Romeo Racing +2.494
13 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point +2.564
14 Kimi RICHKEN Alfa Romeo Racing +2.610
15 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault +2.611
16 Romen GROSJAYAN Haas F1 Team +2.746
17 Nico Hulkenberg Renault +3.845
18 Lances STROLL Racing Point +5.003
19 Robert CUBICA Williams +5.239


16.28 Leclerc closes a round at 1: 47.7, it's high time compared to Hamilton: it has lost so much in the last sector. High Mercedes at the race pace.

16.26 Hamilton was unbelievable at 1: 46.6, but was in the wake and used most of it.

16.25 The beginning of the Leclerc and Vettel circuits begins, they are fitted with a red rubber and a yellow tire. The Moneegas has a clear road, the German one is between the two Alfa Romeoos.

16.23 However, it must be remembered that the two Reds were slightly trapped in traffic. Now they returned to the pit and returned for the last part of the session.

16.22 Before the Kwiati crash, we were witnessing a certain balance between Mercedes and Ferrari, but after the Silver Arrows they were even faster in 4-5 tens.

16.19 Vettel and Leclercke were slightly stuck in the traffic, Hamilton and Botas also made 1:46. Currently, Mercedes looks superior.

16.16 Let's see who will be able to give the best signals in this very exciting final.

16.14 Hamilton and Botas, a red-rubber Mercedes, are also released. Direct comparison!

16.13 Ferrari launches right away! Vettel and Leclerc with a tire selection.

16.12 GREEN LEAGUE. You can go back to shooting, everyone will try to get back to the track immediately to complete the race simulation.

16.10. 20 minutes to the gambling flag, always stop.

16.08 Raised suspension and major damage to Twi Rosso by Kvit, missed the curved entrance and hit the barrier.

16.06 Before the red flag, Leclerc, Botas and Hamilton turned to 1:48 with a red tire. Time for a photocopy for the three big names, Vettel in four dozen, but with a yellow tire.

16.05. Kuwat is at the center of the track, it will take some time to remove it. All lost time for the drivers, who will then have a few minutes for the simulation of the race.

16.05. Kuwat is at the center of the track, it will take some time to remove it. All lost time for the drivers, who will then have a few minutes for the simulation of the race.

16.04 Stopping all at once, the Toro Rosso's brakes are on!

16.04 BLACK LIGHT! QUERY CONTACT YES! In the same place where Leclerc was wrong.

16.03 Sebastian Vettel finished his first round with time 1: 48.680 with a yellow tire. We see a replica of Leclerc with red, also the two Mercedes use a softer tire.

16.01 We recall that the track is very dirty and develops during the session, all due to the cancellation of FP1. It is also difficult to understand the real potential of cars, we have never seen the use of hard that is unlikely to be used even at the weekend.


1 Charles Leklerker Ferrari 1: 42.872
2 Sebastian VETTEEL Ferrari +0.324
3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +0.669
4 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing +0.921
5 VOTERS BOTTAS Mercedes +1.131
6 Carlos Sainz McLaren +1.311
7 Daniel Quit Toro Roso +1,332
8 Alexander ALBON Toro Rosso +1,344
9 Pierre GASLI Red Bull Racing +1.368
10 Lando NORRIS McLaren +1.865
11 Kevin Magnusen Haas F1 Team + 2,029
12 Antonio GIVOVINACI Alfa Romeo Racing +2.494
13 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point +2.564
14 Kimi RICHKEN Alfa Romeo Racing +2.610
15 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault +2.611
16 Romen GROSJAYAN Haas F1 Team +2.746
17 Nico Hulkenberg Renault +3.845
18 Lances STROLL Racing Point +5.003
19 Robert CUBICA Williams +5.239

16.00 Thirty minutes at the end of free practice 2.

15.58 Leclerc sets the red tire, Vettel focuses on the yellow. Cross work for Ferrari.

15.57 Ferrari's earnest initial test, some of Hamilton's difficulty. And now it's starting to simulate.

15.56 Vettel ranks fourth in 0.921 from Leclerc, signed between Hamilton and Botas.

15.55 Before the simulation starts, there is also room to try the project.

15.54 The racing race simulation begins for all the big guys while Verstappen mounts a red tire and looks for the fastest lap.

15.52 Soon the simulation of the highly anticipated race. Will Ferrari really be faster than Mercedes as a dry circle?

15.50 Let's look at the maximum speeds.

15.48 Ferrari and Mercedes have returned to the pits, they will now work and then return to the track for the simulation of the race.

15.46 Antonio Giovanizi has a paw: a great ninth place for Puglia with Alpha Romeo, he is better than his teammate Kimi Raikkonen.


1 Charles Leklerker Ferrari 1: 42.872
2 Sebastian VETTEEL Ferrari +0.324
3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +0.669
4 Currents BOTTAS Mercedes +1.131
5 Alexander ALBON Toro Rosso +1,344
6 Pierre GASLI Red Bull Racing +1.368
7 Kevin Magnussen Haas F1 Team + 2.029
8 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing +2.217
9 Antonio GIVOVINACI Alfa Romeo Racing +2.494
10 Sergio PEREZ Racing Point +2.564
11 Kimi RICHKEN Alfa Romeo Racing +2.610
12 Daniel RICCIARDO Renault +2.611
13 Romain Grosjean Haas F1 Team +2.746
14 Lando NORRIS McLaren +2.976
15 Carlos SAINZ McLaren +3.311
16 Nico Hulkenberg Renault +4.233
17 Lances STROLL Racing Point +5.003
18 Robert Kubica Williams +5.984
19 Daniel Quiet Toro Rosso – –

15.42 It was five minutes with very high intensity, a real mini-qualifying session with the strike and the reaction of Ferrari between Vettel and Lecler, while Mercedes could not answer.

15.40 Hamilton improved slightly, third to 0.669 from Leclerc. We remember that they all turn around with red rubber, with softer ones.

15.38 LECLERC NOTE! 1: 42.872, three tenths ahead of Vettel. FERRARI SCATTER, Mercedes does not respond.

15.37 FERRARI INTERNET BATTLE! Duel between Leicester and Vettel to take first place!

15.36 VETTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL! PRIMOOOOOOOOOO! The perfect road to SEBASTIAN: 1: 43,196, is better than Leclerc of 0.180. Hamilton to six tenths, Botas at 1.1.

15.34 LECLEEEEEEEEERC! SUPEEEEEEEEEEER! 1: 43.376 improved several tens, in the final, also exploited the start of Vettel.

15.33 Charles Leclerc resumes again, wants to improve further!

15.33 And the answer to Sebastian Vettel! Second, 0.662 from Leclerc. ONE-TOTAL MEDICINES, PURPOSE!

15.32 Mercedes is very far from Leclerc! Botas at 0.731, Hamilton at 0.837.

15.29 Both Mercedes are also on the right track, Leclerc starts with soft tires.

15.28 Vettel was in his fast lap for a long time. The same mistake made by Bottas at the beginning of the session.

15.28 In the circle and for Charles Leclerc. Ferrari

15.27 Sebastian Vettel returns to the track with a red tire: a German qualifying tire.

15.26 We return. GREEN WORLD LIGHT.

15.24 Consider the incident for a walk. In the meantime, official communication came: the session will continue at 15.26.

15.22 Still stopped. Ferrari quietly in the pits, the mechanics looked at the left rear part of Leclerc who touched the wall: no problems.

15.20 Today's free practice is really daunting after the FP1 was canceled due to problems with the shafts. Meanwhile, the truck takes the Stroll's race wheel to the pits.

15.19 Always stops after an accident for a walk. BLACK LEAGUE. Time passes, but pilots can not reach the track.

15.17 This is a mistake by Leclerc, he touched the wall, but nevertheless he signed the best time.

15.15 BLACK LIGHT! Lance The Shelf is finished on the wall with the Racing Point! Session canceled!

15,14 During a good round, Leclerc touched the wall twice, but did not turn! Great performance.

15.13 LECLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERC! ANSWER! 1: 44.748, reduced 7 tens of the announcement to Hamilton, which was later improved. Vettel third in 1.099. Ferrari is there.

15.11 Time for Vettel, who found traffic in the area of ​​the castle. Botsa third to 0.689 from a team mate, Ferrari-Mercedes immediately began to fight in the FP2.

15.10 Lewis Hamilton defeated Leclerer with 34,000, world champion ahead of Ferrari's driver. Sebastian Vettel fifth to 1,445 from the opponent.


15.08 LECLEEEEEERC! The fastest on the track with yellow tire, 1: 46.144 for the Ferrari driver from Monaco, who lags 1.3 seconds in Magnusen.

15,07 Kevin Magnussen played the Haas alarm, first with 1: 47,450. Two dozen before Raikkonen. However, they are high times, now we see the answer of Leclerc.

15.06 The two commands of Alpha Romeoos. Kimi Raikkonen leads 1: 47.652, Gioviano chases 1.5.

15.05 LABEL LEKLERK! Ferrari from Montepasca has reached the track, however, Vettel is still as firm as the Rugged.

15.04 Giovinazzi saves the best time and leads 1: 50.039, 1.3 seconds better than Hamilton.

15.03 Hamilton completes his first bite in 1: 51.382.

15.02 And long for Bottas, the track is very dirty.

15.02 Silver arrows are on the track with yellow tires.

15.01 Ferrari, however, remains in the pits.

15.00 The first on the road are Hamilton and Botas!

15.00 GREEN WORLD LIGHT. Sessions for free practice start at 2, 90 minutes for pilots.

14.57 Look at the perfect weather conditions.

14.55 Five minutes at the start of the free practice 2. The feeling is that everyone goes straight to the track to make up for the lost time in the morning.

14.53 To understand what will be Mercedes's potential for Lewis Hamilton and Valter Botas, who come from three couples: will they be able to find themselves even in Baku?

14.51 Sebastian Vettel is called for a change in the pace, third place in China needs a roar, also because he does not win from Spa 2018. Let's see how Ferrari will go this afternoon.

14.49 Charles Leclerc wants to shine on his Ferrari this day, fighting in China after his bad luck in Bahrain. Now it's time for a ransom for Monaco.

14.47 Today they have tried to fix the manhole even in this way …

14.45 Fifteen minutes at the start of free practice 2.

14.42 The Baku trail is distinguished by some very narrow passages and with very heavy curves from the right-hand corner, there are quite long routes where the power of the power unit can be used.

14.40 Russell will not be on the track this afternoon, mechanics need little time to repair morning damage.

14.38 This morning, Lechtortch and Vettel set the best times, but Mercedes has not yet turned. The chronometric response is not very significant.

14.36 This afternoon we will have to make up for the lost time, drivers and teams will have to intensify the work program to be ready for the qualifications and race.

14.34 Back on track after the morning session was canceled due to some problems with the shafts, drivers turned twenty minutes before Russell's crash, which forced the organizers to show the red flag.

14.32 The green light will arrive at 3 pm, the pilots will have 90 minutes available.

2.30 pm Hi and welcome live live on free practice 2 of Azerbaijan's 2019 Grand Prix, fourth round of the F1 World Championship.

11.38 Here is the live broadcast of the first session of free practice, which is held at 15.00 with the FP2 of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

11.35 Below is a preview of a free session that was interrupted after a few minutes:

Post. Pilot Team Time Circles
1 16 C. Leclerc Ferrari 1? 47 "497 3
2 5 C. Vettel Ferrari +02 "101 1 & # 39; 49" 598 3

11.30 The session will not be rebooted !! The FP1 actually ends at this time due to safety reasons associated with the lid of the mine on the groove line. We will see if the situation will be resolved in light of the second session.

11.27 The mast in question was not fixed and was already out of its seat, apparently causing contact with the crushed bottom of the car Formula 1. Really paradoxical situation … Russell-Williams was damaged on the bottom and body, and it would not be easy to see again on the track today.

11.24 The road was inevitably damaged by this particular accident caused by a raised shaft, so commissioners assess the situation in order to repair the damage. Here are the images of the crash:

11.21 The stewards are working to clean the runway and are trying to repair the unused drain from the Russell-Williams fund.

11.17 The session clock continues to run despite the red flag so that the teams will have to speed up their work program when they begin to work. We will see if it will be possible to clean the track from the remains of Williams in a quick time, even if they are concerned about the conditions of the asphalt at a particular point on the track.

11.15 BLACK EASY! Williams of George Russell stops on the track after heavily damaging the bottom due to the cover of the manhole!

11.13 Only two Mercedes drivers in the appeal are missing, all others are already on the track to spend at least one lap. Both Ferrari are improving: Leclerc in 49'47 "497, Vettel in 1 & # 49; 598".

11.11 Montauban Della Rossa opened his weekend with 1 '49' 134, while Vettel closed the first lap in 1 '118 '988.

11.09 Leclerc is the first driver to launch medium-sized tires for the first session time.

11.06 Charles Leclerc will go on the Ferrari track for the first installation circle to confirm the proper functioning of all sensors. Sebastian Vettel followed and broke the ice with the Asian trail.

11.04 Just the installation circle for Verstappen's Red Bull, who still stands in the Ferrari field, waiting to start with today's work program.

11.02 The first on the track are Grozjan, Norris, Verpeperen, Magnusen, Sainz, Jovaviggi and Kvit.

11.00 GREEN TRAFFIC LIGHT !! The Azerbaijani Grand Prix weekend starts with the first session of free practice.

10.56 Pirelli донесе Азербејџан прилично конзервативна комбинација на соединенија, составена од C2 (тврда), C3 (средна) и C4 (мека). Стратегијата за едношалтерскиот систем заминува за Големата награда за можното влегување на безбедносниот автомобил (многу често решение во минатото во Баку).

10.53 За неколку минути започнуваме со првата сесија на слободна пракса за викенд: сонцето сјае во Баку, а температурите на животната средина и асфалтот се одлични за да ги соберат првите значителни податоци во поглед на квалификациите и трката.

10.50 Три трки за Големата награда веќе се одржаа на патеката во Баку, при што Мерцедес беше поставен во 2016 година со Нико Розберг и во 2018 со Луис Хамилтон, додека Ред Бул може да се пофали со неверојатен успех на Даниел Рикардо во 2017 година. на подиумот само во два наврата со Фетел во 2016 година и со Раиконен во 2018 година, добивајќи ја пол-позицијата минатата сезона со четирикратниот германски светски шампион.

10.47 Во текот на првата бесплатна практика тимовите ќе одат во потрага по вистинската рамнотежа во поставувањето на автомобилот за да бидат ефикасни како на форхенд, така и на најпребулен дел од патеката. Ферари ќе тестира нов фонд на СФ90, предводен од Чарлс Леклерк, додека Себастијан Фетел ќе ја постави истата верзија што се користи во првите круга.

10.44 Не го потценувајте Ред Бул, а особено Макс Вестерпен, моментално трето на светското првенство, благодарение на одличната постојаност на изведбата како доказ за зрелост што сега го постигна феноменалниот холандски возач. Тимот на Милтон Кејнс ќе има во ова назначување новата Хонда сила единица, имајќи корист во однос на значителна моќ да се експлоатираат во долгиот директно се протега на азербејџанскиот пат.

10.40 Мерцедес се претставува себеси во Баку со свесност дека има многу сигурен и брз едносед во секоја ситуација, што им овозможува на Луис Хамилтон и Валтери Ботас најдобро да го изразат својот потенцијал и во квалификациите и во трката . Сребрените стрели собраа три двојки на толку многу трки, благодарение на несреќните трки на Ферари во Бахреин, така што веќе можат да помислат дека ќе го потопат првото вистинско продолжување на шампионатот во случај на победа во Баку.

10.36 Тимот на Маранело лови за откуп откако првенството почнува многу под очекувањата, што се карактеризира со проблеми со сигурноста и развојот на SF90 кој се покажа како премногу чувствителен на промени во временските услови и асфалтот. По три круга на незадоволителни задоволства, дојде време да ја погоди првата победа на сезоната за повторно да го започне светското првенство.

10.33 Дуелот меѓу Мерцедес и Ферари за светската титула се движи до уличната патека во Баку, која е домаќин на циркусот Ф1 четврта година по ред. Во минатото, азербејџанската патека секогаш даваше големи емоции и неочекувани пресврти, како што може да се види од пласманите на мексиканската Серхио Перез (трето во 2016 и 2018 со Форс Индија) и канадскиот Ленс Хотел (трето место во 2017 со Вилијамс), моментално соиграчи во тимот на "Тркачки поен".

10.30 часот Здраво и добредојде во живо на првата сесија на слободна пракса на Азербејџан Гран-при, четврта рунда од Светското првенство 2019 година.

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