Saturday , September 26 2020

Juventus stronger than Ronaldo: HR7 bends to Surrey | Primapagina


In the end, the same protagonist of the case animated last week at home was thinking about it. Juventus to clarify the situation: “I've been playing very limited for the last three weeks. There was no controversy. I tried to help Juventus play even if he was injured. No one wants to be replaced, but I understand why I wasn't good. " Word of the Christiano Ronaldo, who, after a goal and success with Luxembourg (who qualify for Portugal at Euro 2020), wanted to intervene first to quell the controversy born after the switch to Milan and his nervous abandonment. Version, the one provided with the CR7 which should confirm that date in the immediate post-race stadium Maurizio Surrey, who first mentioned the Portuguese's physical problems: "He had a knee problem a month ago and has been in pain since training and has difficulty kicking."

Concordant versions and case returned for Bianconeri? Quite the opposite of what can be understood in the last few days even just listening to the protagonists' statements of the story. The first suspicions arose at the moment of Ronaldo's call, withdrawn from the coach's arrogance Santos on several occasions stating that Cristiano "was fine", that he had "no doubts about his situation" and that he would be "regularly on the pitch against Lithuania and Luxembourg". And to make matters worse, I thought the same CR7, that before the challenge with Lithuania responded to journalists: "I tell you one thing about all the headlines of the national newspapers: the captain is not good, he is very good!", To repeat how he was ready to play. Said, done Because Ronaldo played, not a little, the 83 'first with three goals in goal and the whole second net match. All messages that were supposed to give more weight toa furious expression as he left the pitch after substituting against Milan, apparently far from being accepted and understood as now declared by CR7. Replaced due to sub-optimal conditions with Juve at full speed on the ground with Portugal, from one end to the other. "I was sacrificing myself in these two matches," Ronaldo explains after the Luxemburg, to emphasize the stigma that the captain has played in despite Portugal's pain for his national team. The communications service is evident within days, a change of course that has made Juve smile a few days after the meeting between Surrey and Cristiano, which is expected between Continental on Tuesday and Wednesday. There is also a comparison between the five-time Golden Ball, the coach and the team, as he also pointed out. Bonuses before the match between Bosnia and Italy, but the latest releases suggest that the tones will be much more relaxed than could have been expected a few hours ago. The versions are congruent, or rather, Ronaldo's version was totally in line with what Surrey had provided from the start, reflecting what Santos' coaching line-up and Portuguese ace himself did last week.. Juve won, who is now awaiting HR7's return from the national team and intends to find the best form, leaving behind those physical problems that have limited him, at least in recent weeks in Juventus.

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