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"Juventus is not involved in the Superlega project"

Alexander Ceferin, 51, with Andrea Agnelli, 42 years old. Bozzani

Alexander Ceferin, 51, with Andrea Agnelli, 42 years old. Bozzani

"This Supergalle will never see the light of the day, a kind of fiction or a dream." Alexander Ceferin, president of UEFA, is categorical. And during an interview with the BBC, he talks about the project of the European superglow Football leaks. During an interview with the British network, along with Eka and Juventus President Andrea Agnelli, Keferin reiterated how UEFA is working on revising the Champions League: "We have some ideas," he said. I can say that it is out of the question to approve this Superlega. Everyone can continue to compete in European competitions: unfortunately, wealthy clubs often become richer, I think we are one of the few organizations in the world trying to cope with this problem. We remain united, this is our opinion ".

lambs: "we are not involved"
"I can confirm that we have never seen, nor talked about, nor are we involved in the creation of this document – added Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, who effectively denied the participation of Juventus in the Superlega project – we are fully dedicated to UEFA. the game of football ".

That is why the words of Cepherin and Agnelli will confirm what Fabio Lichari published today La Gazzetta dello Sport: There is no private tournament and is closed to the Americans, like the NBA, but the evolution of the current champions in which the stronger rights of the big clubs will be recognized. Therefore, the cousin Superbraa is moving away, but we start working on the "super" Champions, where the central role will play the international calendar. In fact, it's always on the agenda to move the championship on Wednesday with Superchampions, for now let's call it cos, at the weekend. The Keferin-Agnelli axis, which today commands European football, set the first brick on the new system. From here to 2024 a long way, but the new tournament will have to be defined by the end of 2020.


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