Monday , September 28 2020

Justice, new black smoke on the recipe. Green light for civil litigation


RIM – New black smoke of justice. The recipe always divides the majority. Guardazigili Alfonso Bonafede does not sell his law ("dead" first degree recipe) in January 2020. And he does not accept the PD counter-proposal. Similarly do Dems, who refuse to mediate. Only a new civil trial is under way, "a reform that halves the process time," Bonafede says. But the knot remains a recipe.

Bonafede launches two solutions "for a meeting with the Democratic Party". He explains: "There will be a fast track for appeals, urgent negotiation, which will take only a few months for the released." Again: "Access to compensation, which already exists, should be facilitated if there is a breach of conditions." It is decided on the procedural recipe required by PD. Who calls yesterday's House bill also Forca Italy Chief Judge Indico Costa who baptized his "brief trial" just as in the era of Berlusconi's government. He also demanded that the minister's restriction period be blocked. That the Democratic Party can also vote.

There is a table of justice between M5S, PD, Italy alive and Leu, the government's allies trying to avoid, before Prime Minister Conte's unceasing clash this time of justice, come the third night's summit at the Shigi Palace. In order to persuade Bonafide to postpone the statute of limitations with scruples. But he dislocates the allies and proposes an obligation to deal with the complaints of the freedmen urgently.

The Democratic Party insists. He wants the first guarantees for a speedy trial, he wants to stop the Bonafede law. The minister smells the trap, repeating "the citizens can no longer wait, now is the time to leave".

The Democratic Party insists on both demands. The former, in force today, determines the time for prosecution for each crime. Dems wants to add a "procedural" prescription so that the appeal can last no more than two years, and one in the Supreme Court only one year. Unless convicted or acquitted. In the first case, the convicted person, if his appeal lasts more than two years, receives a discount on his sentence. Anyone acquitted is definitely free. But the Democratic Party argues that contextualism, Bonafede passes, "only" if it goes through the procedural recipe. And there comes the Guardian's border.

"The Republic will always fight for the freedom of information, for its readers and for all those who care about the principles of democracy and civil society."

Carlo Verdeli

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