Monday , June 21 2021

Jokes Replication on the side of 2018, the second episode in online streaming on MediasetPlay

The first visit to the Channel 5 with transmission continues Jokes aside 2018 run by Paolo Bonolis. The host decided to restart one of the classic commercial TV programs. Also this week there were a few characters from the world of entertainment and television, which fell (despite themselves) into a trap of jokes designed by the authors of the performance. For those who will not be able to follow the second episode, please note that you can view it in streaming on the free MediasetPlay portal. [VIDEO]

Where to view the second episode of Scherzi separately streaming online

More specifically, we point out that you will be able to review the second episode of Scherzi in addition to 2018. In online streaming, accessing MediasetPlay dedicated to the transmission carried out by Bonolis.

In this way, you can view videos of individual jokes that have been made or the entire episode.

In addition, on MediasetPlay you will be able to see the jokes from the first episode in streaming. It should be noted that until now the most visible in the absolute is Barbara D & # 39; Urso as a heroine. The afternoon afternoon host 5 fell into a "trap" stretched by the authors and her son Emanuel and really believed that a group of thugs destroyed his holiday home.

You can view different jokes of this edition also from your tablet or mobile phone via the free MediasetPlay application, which will allow you to view the online program directly from your mobile device without having to resort to a home computer.

The victims of the second episode of Scherzi are: Paola Perego

Returning to the second episode of the series broadcast tonight in prime time on Channel 5 [VIDEO] Please note that among the victims of the Canale 5 program will also be Paola Perego who will return to Mediaset after a long period of absence.

The authors have come up with a "bad" joke to Pere, who will lose his brackets, as shown in the promotional videos published in social media these days.

And again, among the victims of the second episode of the series, we also pay attention to the presence of Cristiano Malgioglio, the "king of the Mida" from the last edition of Big Brother Vip. The second episode of Scherzi in addition, will also have the form of Nino Formicola, the winner of the last famous Island and Jonathan Kashian, the former hero of the GF.

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