Tuesday , September 22 2020

Iva Zanichi: "I push my husband to go with other women, I can't take him anymore"


Iva Zanchi got used to the statements a little over the top, but this time he really surprised everyone.

How? With the humble discovery of the Olympic spirit to make her friend Fausto Pina sleep with other women, since she is no longer sexually active.

"My partner is ten years younger than me, he is a sexually powerful man," Ligoncio's Eagle told Un giorno da pecora radio program.

"I'm healthy and Olympic – he jokes – I do one every four years." To find out later: "I force him to look for them outside, so I'm not jealous because he's young and strong. It looks like I'm a mother, "he added.

Iva Zanichi will be 80 in January. The story of Fausto Pina has been going on for 33 years: the two never married, but are called husband and wife.

Ligonchio's "Eagle", winner of three festivals in Sanemo, was married to Tonino Ansold. He also had his only daughter, Michael.

(Unioneonline / L)

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