Monday , September 28 2020

Italy-Brazil up to 17 years 0-2, Azureiri out of World Cup: Brazil fly to semifinal


The World Cup is over. The hosts went 2-0 with Patrick and Peglow in the first half. Lots of opportunities, but no goals for the Nunzia boys, just close to the net with the chances of Gnanto (twice), Kudrig, Brentan and Tonga. Brazil now have France in the semifinals

Italy-Brazil U17 0-2

6 'Patrick, 40' Piglow

ITALY (4-3-1-2): the source; Lamana (72 & # 39; Barbieri), Dale Mura, Pyrola, Rugers; Brentan (62 & # 39; Oristano), Panada, Udogi; Tongya; Kudrig (79 'Capone), Gnanto. Coach: Nunzia

BRAZIL (4-2-3-1): Donelli; Quito, Henry Marino, Luan, Patrick; Cabral, Tali Costa; Veron (87 & # 39; M. Araio), Peglow (82 & # 39; Garcia), Pedro Lucas (74 & # 39; Sandri); Ciao Jorge. Ct: From the goddess

reserved: Pyrola (I), Udogi (I)

The dream world ends. Brazil's hosts are passing by. Nacional de Nunzia was defeated in the quarter-finals. Nearly 14,000 of Estadio Olympico of Guyana, the networks of Patryck and Peglow in the first half. Many made up of many sorry for Azuri: Exact precision in the goal-line made the difference for qualifications. Lots of chances for Nunzia boys, some just as sensational as that Gnonto the last ten minutes of the match that could retrospectively open the match; but no purpose. For the azureurine debris best quarterfinal result of 2009 in competition in the category. Now for the hosts there is the obstacle France. In the other World Semifinals up to 17 years Mexico vs. Holland.

The game

Nunezia does not replace the team in the first two matches of the group and the 16th round against Ecuador: Gnonto and Cudrig front brackets, with Tongya behind them. Panada to direct the midfield and Pirola defense leader. On the opposite side, Brazil no Talles Magno available (injured) and bets on Ciao Korche in front of support from Veron, Peglow and Pedro Lucas. Prepared and through the beginning of the game are all green: the best approach to the match, crushed Italy and Patrick's advantage of 6 & # 39;, which surprises Mola with her left hand below the intersection. Then Nunzia's national team grows, definitely better than the opponents in the central faction: Tontjia tries first with a right turn (a little out), then with a head wall (saved), Brentan on a free kick (high) and Gnanto head on the development of another breathless ball. But the network is not arriving. Brazil then used it couples with Peglow at 40 & # 39; with a precise and angular right.

So the recovery, which opens without change for both teams. Italy is still close to the network with Cudrig, before the first post on Rugger's cross: but the ball doesn't want to get in. Nunzia's first move is the eighth winner of the competition Oristanio, within 62 'shortly before Brazil touched the trio with Veron. Nunzia also sends Barbieri on the pitch (and then Capone in the final), but they are again Verdeo to try with a shot from outside Patrick. The final score is then 2-0, with the point of the game being set by a Gnoto error of 82 & # 39; completely alone against goalkeeper Donnelly, very good at saving output. The World Cup ends with some regret. Brazil will continue against the very strong France.

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