Saturday , September 26 2020

Isabella Ferrari, the disease is the darkest period


Q.A few days ago Isabella Ferrari released an exclusive interview on "Vanity Fair", which covered the cover, without veils, in which she talked about everything, including the fear of dying. Yes, because a few years ago Fathrice suffered from a disease that little or nothing was known: “I got sick, I had to get off the heels.

When you are sick, you stop, you fall, you eat, you become something else, ”he said in 2017 on Corriere della Sera, without adding anything else. "A couple of years ago I woke up one morning and couldn't take my legs anymore – he said now to Vanity Fair director Simone Marchetti." Everything went downhill fast. The temptation begins with visits and diagnoses. And the diagnoses are always wrong, even those made by foreign doctors and hospitals. I go abroad, I send my blood for exams in the United States, Then come blinding pain, cortisone. One night, June 2, I was admitted to a hospital near my home in Rome. There I meet the most important doctor for me.

The diagnosis he makes is not good at all. Excuse me, but I won't name this rare disease because as soon as they did, I went online, wrote down the pathology, and got scared. In short, the doctor suggests important and dangerous therapy, something that can only work in a percentage of cases. I decide not to do that and go to Pantelleria. I was very lazy that summer because of cortisone doses. I painted, I felt very enlightened and always, and then I tried to prepare my children for the worst (Theresa, with her former partner Massimo Osti, and Nina and Ovovani, her husband, director Renato De Maria, ed.). Then the situation worsens, they send me back to Rome urgently and I start therapy. Every morning for two years I went to that hospital. And when I couldn't move, from the bed of the structure I called my children via Skype to stay attached to them and to life.

Slowly, one step at a time, we did it. And here I am again on the track. (…) I was scared to live when I was twenty. And I also had depression with depression. However, recent illness has made me realize that you must not be afraid of dying. Because that is the fear of living to take you. Only that. Only that ". And she's really aging for her, true freedom, as she explained in an interview years ago: "Aging is something big, needless to hide. But it's also a new sense of freedom. " Her rules are simple: “Breathing well, eating healthy, putting on the right cream and taking time to massage the skin are very helpful. The wonderful thing I see today is that my times are changing, in the sense that I am now devoting myself to the space I did not have before: children grow and do even less than you, and you no longer have to set the alarm in the morning to take them to school, you can enjoy the bath on your own … I finally learned to say no. "

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