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Is Drinking Water Good Before Bedtime? Here is the answer to medicine


It is important to keep our body hydrated, taking at least one and a half liters, if possible, even two, a day. Water is life and drinking without it would cause serious damage to our body. However, drinking water before bed is good?

There are some who do not because they do not want to risk getting up at night, and there are those who do not wake up with a dry throat. How should one behave in reality? Which of these two behaviors is wrong?

Is Drinking Water Good Before Bedtime?

The intestine is able to absorb about 250 ml of water at a time. Therefore, it is necessary to stay hydrated, and divide the two liters a day during all hours we are awake. Not drinking enough water can cause headaches, scaling, fatigue, drowsiness, water retention, intestinal disorders, digestive disorders, and sleep disorders.

To avoid all this, you should drink at least one or two glasses of water per hour, slowly and at room temperature. In addition, doctors they advise drinking water before bed.

Does drinking water before bed bring you something good? Here are the beneficial effects on the body.

If doctors recommend it, there will be a reason. Water is an essential element for our body, it is even more than food. In fact, our body is made up of 60% water, and it needs this element to perform important vital functions.

That's why it's so important, if not essential drink water before bedtime. This is because drinking water before bedtime allows you clean the intestines, and eliminate toxins from the blood accumulated by poor diet, due to environmental pollution, smoke, alcohol, excess sugar or any disease. Therefore, not drinking to avoid going to the bathroom at night would be even harmful.

water acts also, of the digestive system, keeps the body hydrated, e improves sleep. It works on the musculoskeletal system, avoiding cramps and tingling.

In addition, a US study highlights how water helps the intestines absorb vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

Drink water before bedtimeit also balances our hormones, balances muscle activity, promotes mental well-being, helps maintain a state of relaxation and facilitates sleep.

water also affects the immune system, providing the cells with the energy needed to protect the body from external attacks.

Does drinking water before bed bring you something good? Yes, it improves the line and makes the skin more beautiful.

If they do not convince you of the beneficial effects on organs, this will convince you: drinking water before bed makes you lose weight! Drink room temperature in water before bed, forces the body to work even while you sleep to raise body temperature. The colder the water, the more the body will work to bring back the temperature and therefore burn calories. But be careful not to drink ice water, or you will risk stomach or intestinal problems.

Finally, drinking before bedtime helps keep the skin clean, shiny and supple, avoiding the formation of wrinkles.

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