Thursday , October 21 2021

Inps will open his headquarters to meet riders


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Rider's day in Bologna INPS will open its offices to meet riders, or messengers, who provide meals at home. In Bologna, a special opening dedicated to them will take place on Monday, November 12 from 15.00 to 17.00 in the INPS Provincial Directorate of Via Gramsci 6. In addition to releasing the PIN code to request services via the INPS portal, a meeting was scheduled to discuss the various types of contracts and related security. It will therefore be a great opportunity to obtain information on the benefits players are entitled to today, how to apply for them and future retirement benefits related to premium payments. This initiative is fully in line with the Institute's path to be closer to the citizens and help them understand the principles and functioning of the social security system. In the face of changes in the labor market and different types of contracts, the institution's task is to disseminate a social security culture so that new employees are aware of their rights and safeguards, which must be guaranteed for each type of work. Emanuela Zambataro, INPS Director of Bologna

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