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Initial breast cancer, the test predicts the benefits of chemotherapy – News


The Oncotype Dx genomic test significantly modifies the oncologist's indications. Saving chemotherapy in about half of the cases. The results of a real-life study of Italian patients presented at the XX Aiom Congress

Tisiana Morikoni

Initial breast cancer, the test predicts the benefits of chemotherapy

Choose the most appropriate treatment by watching DNA, which can indicate when to use chemotherapy and when, instead, it can be avoided. Thanks to genomic tests. And from the congress of the Italian Association of Oncology Oncology (Aiom), the new Italian data arrive at 1752 early-stage breast cancer patients: women are treated at around twenty centers in Lombardy and Lazio, who performed the Oncotype Dx gene test through a program for a free exam.


A real-life study, called PONDx, is a decision-making study: explored how doctors' indications about the type of therapy (chemo-hormone therapy or hormone therapy alone) changed between the pre and post test. All patients were affected by estrogen-sensitive (ER +) and HER2-negative breast cancer: of which 1,200 had no lymph node involvement, and 438 had maximum involvement of 3 lymph nodes (the remaining 114 patients were excluded from the study). Well, a quarter of women without lymph node involvement and one in two with positive lymph nodes could not make the chemotherapy initially planned by the multidisciplinary team on the basis of traditional criteria.


The survey was coordinated by Ricardo Masseti, a surgeon and oncologist at the Polyclinic Catholic University of Rome, A. Gameli, and Comrade Founder of Italy, who on November 17, during the congress, won the Breast Cancer Breast Cancer 2018. "I tell you, I thank those who gave me the opportunity to do this study on behalf of those women who could avoid chemotherapy, but also those who might be confident that it is really important, and that does not is a trivial matter. "He said: a Health chest Massetti: "This test undoubtedly allows doctors to make more motivated decisions. Now it would be nice to make Oncotype DX available to all breast cancer patients who have these precise features. To do this, the national healthcare system should to include it among the trials scheduled for cancer patients. The observed results tell us that, even from an economic point of view, it would be useful to use this test: just consider the direct costs and social costs in relation to working days and lost from those who unnecessarily make chemotherapy and can not do it. Otherwise, we will see a serious disparity when accessing the test for economic reasons, because not all women will be able to pay for it. Only those who can afford it will have more personalized treatment ".


PONDx confirms what appeared in the large study TAILORx, released last June New England Journal of Medicine, which showed that Oncotype DX is able to reliably predict the benefits of adding chemotherapy to hormone therapy in patients with early-stage breast cancer. These results will be included in the Aiom guidelines for breast cancer.

"This is a very useful tool especially for all women who are in a situation where it is not clear which is the best way," he concluded Francesco Cogneti, Director of the Department of Medical Oncology of the National Institute Regina Elena from Rome, who awarded the award: "We have an obligation as doctors, and we do daily in the light of these studies, to inform the patient that probably, in some cases, adjuvant treatment can be chosen with greater reliability and reliability based on the test, but we also have to inform you that unfortunately the test is not compensated. It is an awkward situation because it puts the woman in a difficult situation. We will make every effort to we provide that this test, with indications of clinical constraints that will be necessary, can be used. "

November 19, 2018
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