Friday , October 22 2021

Increasing health and mental health: “We pay for a longer period of stress”


At the heart of the second wave, the virus is slowing down in Bergamo. This is confirmed by tables, curves and statistics: all the analyzes confirming how much the progress of Sars-CoV-2 has definitely slowed down here. But there is a whole sector where the epidemic continues to gallop, even in the Bergamo area. And that is the sector of psychiatric weakness. Already during the first wave there was a significant increase in mental health disorders.

“But now, at this stage of recovery, things are even worse,” said Amy Bondi, director of Ast Pope John XXIII’s Bergamo mental health department in Bergamo. “Unlike spring, today we lack a factor that has helped the citizens a lot: social cohesion. That ingredient that allowed even the most fragile people to hold on to strength, to find energy, to have a fierce reaction to the pandemic. However, now we are paying the consequences of the extremely prolonged and extended period of stress: the casualties given in the spring were not enough, after the relative calm of the summer we went down into darkness again without knowing for sure when the situation would normalize. Thus, trust is lost, in addition to the feeling of frustration that weighs on people’s mental health. “Especially those who are more fragile.”

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