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immediately contested by two Top Superstars

With this sensational announcement coming this morning, which sees the WWE return to television screens as one of WWE's most beloved and watched wrestlers of the last 20 years, wrestling FM Punk for a moment as a columnist and analyst on FOX: WWE Backstage , challenges from some of McMahon's most important athletes in the federation, who didn't wait a minute before launching the gauntlet of one of the most compulsory SWE champions in the federation's history.

The former Voice of the Voiceless returned to the FOX network during the latest episode of WWE Weekly Backstage, in the company of Samoa Oeo, Rene Young, Page and WWE Booker T's Hammer Hall, officially announcing his new position as a columnist starting next week, not every week.

Who knows if WWE doesn't take the ball and fail to return it even in Sunday's shows devoted entirely to wrestling.
So far, as we've said, two of the company's biggest Superstars have already challenged the former Nexus boss, even if for a moment only on their own social pages.

We're talking about Seth Rollins and the new Universal Champion Bray Wyatt, who shared the following messages on Twitter's Second City Savior:

"Fight KM Punk with me"

"I saw you"Quite clear challenges, those raised by two of the most important stars of relative rotors, addressing one of the most beloved and at the same time hateful wrestler of the last 10 years, who has managed to stay in the heads and hearts of everyone in one way or another. fans of the latest generation and more.

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