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Ilva, Conte is now pessimistic. Plan B: Parachute of at least 15 million


No one speaks so openly, because in the next few days we will sit down together again to look for a deal. But there is growing confidence in the government that Arcelor Mittal will not back down compared to the plan with 5,000 surpluses presented last week. It is also difficult for a new criminal shield, which is slippery for the majority, to change the mindset of the company. And then the negotiations take place because we have to do it in politics, as in life, you never know. But from Palazzo Figi, who has ruled that the situation is serious, we are looking at an alternative solution, Plan B, which does not take into account only Arcelor Mittal. And to revive and support Taranto, you do not just look at the steelworks of former Ilva, but the whole city.

The new version of the criminal shield, not limited to Taranto, but to all investments that require impressive environmental recovery activity, the government abstains. Conte does not want to force parliamentarians, first of all, he does not want to break up with Luigi Di Mayo. The meeting with the M5C dieters, led by former Minister Barbara Leci, remains intentional but has not yet been fixed.

At Palazzo Gigi they know it won't be criminal immunity to make the leaders of ArcelorMittal change their minds, which have not come to life since the first meeting. The problem does not protect it, but as explained by Apulyan's undersecretary in Palazzo Gigi, Mario Turko, economic sustainability. Moreover, Conte's entourage suspected that the true purpose of the Franco-Indian group, from the time of the acquisition of Taranto Steel Works, was to shut down the plants to an important competitor.

The shield will only continue if the colossus steel indicates the intention to fulfill the obligations. If it seeks to close the new deal, the M5S brand's votes could be replaced with those of the opposition, including the League. For Conte 2, though, that would be a failure and if you don't really need the penalty shield it will stay in the drawer.

Working in the workplace is even more complicated. The government has defined 5,000 redundancies that Arcelor Mittal claims are unacceptable. And to sit down at the table again, he demands that number be more than halved, essentially lowering to two thousand. But this is only a condition to discuss again, not the goal to be achieved, which is even lower. The company stays at 5,000 and would not move from there. After the Blitz on Friday with workers, the Prime Minister meditates for a second meeting at the factory. Ahead of a face-to-face meeting with Arcelor Mittal's top management, scheduled for this week but not yet determined, Palazzo Figi's lawyer needed some time to scrutinize all the papers. The path of the cause between the state and Arcelor Mittal remains sustainable. But it seems likely that Ilva's future is that of the new commissioner, in fact a temporary nationalization as in 2014 with Enrico Bondi. In the meantime, we are working on rebuilding the entire city, with a range of funds to be included in the budget law. In Palazzo Fiji, where the prime minister has set up a control room with the competent ministers (Gualleri, Speranca, Provenzano, Patanuelli, Catalfo), he has set up a multi-year fund for Taranto, 5 or 10m a year, working for three years and can be expanded to five.

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