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Iliad Italia, some services, new sites and data for AGCOM

Sunday of the Iliad

One way or another, Iliad always manages to talk without constant commercial offers, reconstructions and who knows what the other devil concurrent operators invent. Let's use this week with the Iliad news. What happened in the universe of the fourth Italian mobile operator? Before we go live, we'll link our free app once again.

Also, in the past week, Iliad has spoken for himself, positively, but unfortunately, in the negative, over a particular telephone network service with reports reaching a little across Italy. The good news is the novelty of the official website and the ongoing work on the property network, but let's move on to the small steps.

Network interference and difficulty in making phone calls

These days, but to date the problem seems to have been resolved, some users have complained of some difficulty in receiving phone calls, and even reports on the popular Downdetector website have arrived. Many reports also on our Forum Iliad.

The problem seems to be due to the Windows Three network on which, as we all know, Iliad relies on run-sharing technology, so if the affected network goes whipping, it unfortunately risks affecting Iliad's customers.

The problem only referred to incoming calls while everything seemed to be working outgoing and mobile. Interestingly, those who attempted to dial the Iliad were automatically redirected to the answering machine.

Difficulties have been reported and contacted by the Iliad call center at 177, reports have also come under the official Twitter account of the operator and if even today or in the coming days someone has to face this kind of problem, always report to all possible ways.

We've been discussing this for a few days now Community , you can comment by clicking this direct link.

However, we reiterate that the difficulties affect the minimum proportion of Iliad users.

We also report our vademecum for self troubleshooting. Obviously this procedure works great. Perform, in case of trouble, these small maneuvers in your phone settings:

  • Force the smartphone network on 2G only
  • Restart your phone
  • Reset your web search automatically

Iliad is updating the official website

Finally, after more than 14 months of life, Iliad has brought a color coat to his official website, which can always be found at

After opening the homepage, we are immediately welcomed on a website that is always very simple and substantial, a little more colorful and even more functional, for example with access to information on current commercial offers, still available.

The Iliad continues to grow

Obstacles or technical problems, slowdowns in some small Municipalities to build a commercial network, commercial offerings are always the same for months yet iliad continues to grow as an increasingly influential brand and market share, according to the latest data from AGCOM.

Iliad is also developing a new SIM card, along with other mobile virtual operators, from a curious point of view.

The fourth mobile operator, a full-fledged operator, is steadily growing like the virtual operators, with whom it probably shares the same mission in offering comfortable and transparent offers.

Interesting fact because virtual operators are constantly suffering from ho.Mobile attacks behind (badly) Vodafone and Kena Mobile (behind TIM hiding). Users may have understood or understood these differences.

In the meantime, the Iliad is growing, unlike the big competitors of all time, also in terms of number portability.

The evolution of The Iliad, which reached June 30, 2019 3.7% market share in total SIMs 4.7% for human SIM cards (SIM cards used exclusively by people). In the meantime, the growth of the Iliad continues on the financial front and the Stock Exchange with a positive trend expected in the coming months.

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