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"I had a story with Theo Mamukari"

Floriana second

the former gieffina Floriana second back to Sunday Live with Barbara D & # 39; Urso to try to shed light on the scandal case with some photos, she appeared on the platform of amateur red-light videos and photos recently released by a man who says she is her boyfriend, something Florian denies.

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Director raped underage actress, former Gf Floriana: "Pino and I are friends, but he's a bartender"

Already in recent days, on Facebook, ex-Gefina posted a long post: «… For no valid reason, the hated person I had with so much effort removed / blocked from my life reappeared violently through the press to tarnish and discredit my personality but also a woman and unfortunately a mother to shares fake photos with promise of a movie Red Lights Destroy Users for Payment (in his portals) where he announced the release of one of my movies with him in Red Lights …. after two weeks (already gone .. nothing came out. ), I'm obviously not "I've never done that a !!!!! "

On Sunday Live, Floriana talks about her love life and also mentions a relationship with her Theo Mamukari. Barbara D & # 39; Urso is surprised: "Did you have a story with Theo?" The answer was immediate: «Sure, why not? I said it many years ago. I'm not ashamed to say what I'm doing. "

The attention, however, in the studio is the result of a photo scandal that sees Floriana as a protagonist. the former gieffina
deepens the incident and responds, photograph after photograph, to statements by the man who published the footage, who instead repeats that he has been engaged with her for four years.

"He came to a demonstration – says Floriana – he said his mother was a senator. Mother was just kind and polite to me. Every time he met me, he would ask me if I was my son's girlfriend. For me it was a night, it wasn't what I wanted, or it would become my boyfriend. " He adds: "There are very strong complaints."

Barbara D & # 39; Urso shows some photos that the man sent to the editorial board to support his thesis. "They're not amateur photos, I call Olikom's photographer a witness," says Florianna, who talks about "blackmail." "What was the blackmail? If you show me you have a lot of powerful people behind you, I'm morally blackmailed by the nights he took me with people who said they would help me. "

Among the footage, also one that Floriana says was made after the 2015 earthquake. "In that earthquake I lost what I had," he says, "but I didn't say anything because there were people who lost their lives there. He took me to talk to the mayor of Amatrica. He introduced himself to a photographer that day. "

There is also a moment of "attack" on Barbara D & # 39; Urso. In one of Floriana's text messages, sent by the man in the newsroom, there will be unpleasant words for the presenter. "I trust you, Barbara, that's why I'm here. It's not that Rai doesn't call me – replies Floriana – I could get mad because I saw so many of my colleagues here in your living room, until you called me. "

We return immediately to discuss the alleged engagement. The man claims his mother also knew about the relationship between the two.
"He's gay," says Floriana. "There's nothing wrong with that. I am married to the gay world and I know how many difficulties there are behind it. I realized, even when we were together, that there was a problem. He introduced me to his mother as a girl, I thought it was to hide his lifestyle. "

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