Saturday , July 31 2021

How much does it cost to change car brake pads

Brakes are a key component in the car for both driver and passenger safety while driving. They are applied in the last part of the vehicle braking system. They are activated when the drive system hits the wheel to slow down its impact.

The friction material varies depending on the type of car. To guarantee perfect braking, it is essential to periodically replace the brake pads. A cost that can also be part of the so-called mechanical bonus. Here’s how to take care of this maintenance (including offers) with the help of bag projection experts.

How often to replace

How much does it cost to change car brake pads is a question that also goes along with the question of time. The friction material from which the brake pads are made varies from system to system.

Replacement usually has to be done every 30,000 kilometers. Wear varies depending on the make and model of the car; therefore costs can fluctuate. In the mountains, the brake pads wear out more.

Those who live in a city or in a flat area spend less. For those who live at high altitudes, the replacement may be necessary after 15 thousand kilometers.

How much does it cost to change car brake pads

In any case, you realize that it is time to change the brake pads, when the car proves to be unresponsive when driving and especially when braking.

If we have to press hard on the brake pedal, there is enough certainty to believe that the discomfort is caused by worn brake pads. Therefore, it is necessary to bring the car to the workshop.

The cost of changing the brake pads is the most labor-intensive. Because the front pads currently cost around 60 euros, while the rear wheel pads cost around 45 euros. Adding the cost to the mechanic to remove the old and apply new, it is about 100-120 euros for each pair of pads.

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