Sunday , October 17 2021

How diabetic care happens in Italy

"Type 1 diabetes instead," says Piemonti, "is not related to what we eat and how we live, but it has its source in fault our immune system which recognizes cells that produce insulin as foreign and destroys them. Type 1 diabetes affects mainly young people, often in pre-school age, does not have strong knowledge and immediately requires injection therapy Insulin several times a day to survive. "And points out:" Unfortunately, currently type 1 diabetes it can not be prevented».


Despite the search move forward, the number of pathologies in today's world does not allow you to sleep peacefully. "Basically," says Piedmont, "the 10 countries with the highest number patients with diabetes ranging from 20 to 79 years are in order: China, India, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, Egypt, Germany and Pakistan ». And he explains: "Number estimated deaths in 2017, it was 4 million for diabetes. If we only take data on type 1 diabetes in people under 20 years of age, it is estimated that there are 1 million 106 thousand 500 children and adolescents, of whom 132 600 new are diagnosed each year; the ranking for various countries is slightly modified: USA, India, Brazil, China, Russia, Algeria, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Germany ».

IN HAIR, there are 3.5-4 MILLION SICK

And in Italy? "According to sources," he says, "we estimate a variable number between 5.5% and 6.4% of the population, or 3.5-4 million people, to which one million people are added who have diabetes and who do not know they have it." It is the eternal problem of many cases of diabetes still poorly understood. Francesco Purrello, professor of internal diseases at the University of Catania and the president Italian Society of Diabetes, he explains: "Distribute levels are needed at every opportunityidentikit these entities very often no symptomsJust making a simple measure fasting blood sugar in fact, in most cases they have already been identified. "


How? "These are people over 45 years old overweightwith a sedentary lifestyle and that's why poor physical activityand the presence in the family (parents, grandparents) of people with diabetes in adulthood. "Cases that are difficult to identify because high blood sugar does not give clear symptoms, for example, does not cause pain." If it hurts – says Purrello – we'll find out immediately. Instead, we have to look for them. Contribution general medicine even in this case it is fundamental. "

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