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How and until when can you get an exemption from compensation for RAI for 2021

Always mindful of savings and families, the ProieziondiBorsa team has handled Rai’s license fee several times. In this article, the editorial team wants to show you how and when it is possible to apply for Rai’s compensation. Plus, how can you apply with a few simple clicks. Below, therefore, we will list some information to understand how and until when you can get a tax exemption for Rai for 2021.

Documentation and useful date

Those who do not intend to pay the RAI license fee because they do not have a TV can do so easily, just ask the Revenue Agency to cancel. A practice that is certainly not new to taxpayers. On the other hand, what you need to be careful about is the deadline within which you can apply for an exemption and how to submit the documents.

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How and until when can you get an exemption from compensation for RAI for 2021

Let’s start with the documentation, remembering that in order not to pay the fee, you must send a self-certification confirming that you do not have a TV at home. How? By filling out the form and sending it by e-mail to the Revenue Agency. Therefore, in this way, the taxpayer will see how the costs for the energy bill are reduced. For its part, the Revenue Agency will arrange for the exemption request to be communicated to the AEEG. The amount of the compensation, the reader is reminded, that due to the effect of the new budget law it is 90 euros and that the request for exemption, in order to be valid, must be repeated every year.


For those who do not know the deadline by which it is possible for the taxpayer to seek and obtain exemption is January 31, 2021. Furthermore, the required documentation, in addition to the e-mail, can be sent to the Revenue Agency also by registered letter containing a self-certification plus a document to the following address: Agenzia delle Entrate, Torino Office 1, SAT – TV subscriber counter – Post Office box 22 – 10121 Turin.

Electronic invoice via the web

The taxpayer can also apply for a TV fee refund, charged to the electricity bills, through the dedicated web service. This service allows the taxpayer to complete and subsequently transfer the request for reimbursement of TV fee without downloading additional software. To access the web service you need to register for telematics services.

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